• Top 5 albums of 2010.

    8. Jan. 2011, 9:33

    Ooo you can write journals on here! :D How exciting.

    Hm.. considering everyone does year-end lists of albums/artists/shows and whatnot, I thought I'd list my top five albums that were released in 2010... plus, I've always wanted to do one of these.. kekeke~

    ~*Count it down*~

    5. How to Dress Well -- Love Remains

    4. Blonde Redhead -- Penny Sparkle

    3. Beach House -- Teen Dream

    2. Arcade Fire -- The Suburbs

    1. Seth Frightening -- The Prince and his Madness

    Das right. My favorite album of 2010 was made by some dude in New Zealand who recorded everything in his small room on his computer :3

    Such a shocking list, I'm sure. At least Kanye isn't on here, hey hey heeyyy.