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Michael JacksonThe Way You Make Me Feel Lieblingslied 19. Sep. 2014
Michael JacksonThe Way You Make Me Feel Lieblingslied 14. Jun. 2014
Vanden PlasFireroses Dance Lieblingslied 14. Jun. 2014
Weather ReportBirdland Lieblingslied 14. Jun. 2014
Alice CooperPoison Lieblingslied 14. Jun. 2014
Vanden PlasVISION 3hree * GODMAKER * Lieblingslied 12. Jun. 2014
Milivoj CulibrkThe Ghost of Your Love Lieblingslied 12. Jun. 2014
Milivoj CulibrkHich Up Your Skirt Lieblingslied 12. Jun. 2014
Vanden PlasHoles In The Sky Lieblingslied 10. Mär. 2014
Vanden PlasFireroses Dance Lieblingslied 10. Mär. 2014
ForeignerJuke Box Hero Lieblingslied 10. Mär. 2014
ForeignerHot Blooded 10. Mär. 2014
ForeignerI Don't Want to Live Without You 10. Mär. 2014
ForeignerLong, Long Way From Home 10. Mär. 2014
ForeignerFeels Like the First Time Lieblingslied 10. Mär. 2014
ForeignerHeart Turns to Stone 10. Mär. 2014
ForeignerBlue Morning, Blue Day 10. Mär. 2014
ForeignerDouble Vision 10. Mär. 2014
ForeignerSay You Will 10. Mär. 2014
ForeignerUrgent Lieblingslied 10. Mär. 2014
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Über mich

I would like to thank everybody for the comforting words that you have kindly left on my profile.
This loss is so difficult to accept because it came so quickly and unexpectedly....
Your compassion touched me very much and I am happy and proud to see how much Thierry-Jean was liked.
Feel free to visit his page and to listen to his so various music...
Born: 10 July 1956
Died: 19 May 2011

Its now 5 and 1/2 month that you left our planet and i still miss you so much...every single second of my life.You were my husband,my brother,my best friend ,my alter ego...we had 33 beautiful years together, 2 gorgeous kids...You were and you are the love of my life....
No one could ever replace were so unique...
Simply unforgettable....
I love you.....and i will love you forever...

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