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G-Eazy has an agenda. For the last couple of years he's been trying to
finish school while building up a grassroots fan-base across the US.
Schooled in the bay, tested in New Orleans, G isn't a stranger to paying
dues. His live shows have turned heads from the smallest of Midwest
clubs all the way up to arenas on dates with Lil Wayne, Big Sean, and
Drake, among others.

Without label support G has trekked across the US on multiple tours
breaking hearts with his James Dean meets hip-hop vibe and
unforgettable live shows. It's not hype. It's not a hit. It's not an image.
It's all of the above, the product of diligence that only a true fan
understands; G reinterprets what he loves, not what everyone wants to
hear, but in 2011 its looking like those two paths are starting to merge.

Gʼs been a fixture on the local New Orleans rap scene for a few years
and more recently in the music blogosphere, but in the last few months
his popularity has surged and as his national profile has grown
exponentially. His latest mixtape, The Endless Summer, produced
Runaround Sue, who's sun stroked throwback video garnered over
100,000 plays on Youtube in the first week. But it all comes back to the
live show, one New Orleans music blogger summed it up with, “the
young crowd was reaching the levels of mass hysteria reserved for the
50s and 60s rock ʻnʼ roll legends to whom G-Eazy has been paying so
much homage...”


“In a style that is very much his own, G-Eazy's played shows with Girl Talk and
Chiddy Bang, and toured with the likes of megastars Lil' Wayne, Big Sean, and
(juuust right?) Drake."
-San Francisco Bay Guardian

"He has that je ne sais quoi that makes someone a "firework.” His interactions with
the crowd were seamless and his actual performance was perfection."

"G-Eazy came back from the tour knowing how to format a show, work a crowd, and
develop an instant rapport with the audience."
–East Bay Express

mtvU Woodie Nominee, DJ Booth and Pigeons & Planes “Top Artist To Break in 2012”

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