☺ ☺ ☺ Evanescence and Nightwish are Plagiarists ☺ ☺ ☺


30. Apr. 2008, 9:32

Odes of Ecstasy - Embossed Dream in Four Acts (June 1998)

(You can buy this album here)

Evanescence - Evanescence EP (December 1998)

(This EP is legally free and downloadable here)

Nightwish - Once (June 2004)

(Do I need to tell You where to get this?)

Well those similar album arts shouldn't be a coincidence, there must be something in common between them, all I can tell is the presence of on all those 3 albums, but there should be more...
but more importantly, what the heck is so special in that sleeping angel cover art to be worth plagiarizing?

Opinions are welcome but I would really appreciate some facts.


  • Bad_Wolf88

    They didn't plagiarise anything. All 3 albums show a picture of a real statue in Rome, the Angel of Grief. As far as i know, there is no copyright on public art.

    30. Apr. 2008, 12:25
  • asplitsecond

    amen Bad_Wolf as far as I can tell, it's even 3 phtographs of (slightly) different statues ... unless photoshop is involved in the story

    30. Apr. 2008, 12:59
  • Planet_Hell

    Yeah, I've seen the original statue at the protestantic graveyard. It's really beautiful, I recommend it to everyone.

    30. Apr. 2008, 13:41
  • evilpandawrath

    I don't think they intentionally ripped anyone's ideas off. I think both bands wanted to cultivate some kind of faux-Gothic image and went about it in an incredibly unoriginal way. After all, what says Gothic better than a statue of a fallen, weeping angel?

    30. Apr. 2008, 14:20
  • domcrasher

    This is not plagiarism. Only pure lack of creativity.

    30. Apr. 2008, 15:47
  • Justd1e

    After all, what says Gothic better than a statue of a fallen, weeping angel? This? [IMG]http://xmages.net/out.php/i1684_ital2910.jpg[/IMG] O.O

    30. Apr. 2008, 16:01
  • benzs_s

    somebody didn't think this journal entry through

    30. Apr. 2008, 16:47
  • maplejet

    ...I came from the KoRn shoutbox to see THIS?

    30. Apr. 2008, 16:58
  • evilpandawrath

    That's a pretty fucking impressive building Justd1e.

    30. Apr. 2008, 17:19
  • AnnaDraconida

    3 photos of the same statue. All 3 are saying this is female-fronted gothic metal. YAWN

    30. Apr. 2008, 17:24
  • strickenlament

    Why the million and one artist tags? Surely this is only to do with Nightwish, Evanescence and the other aritst involved? As people have rightly said, so what they used the same angel?

    30. Apr. 2008, 19:01
  • Maro_ri

    I'm pretty sure it's hitler's doing

    30. Apr. 2008, 19:34
  • skinnydrifter

    Hitler strikes again

    30. Apr. 2008, 19:45
  • Lord_Krichian

    please add Jebus to the title

    30. Apr. 2008, 22:14
  • 0k0k0k0

    graet diversity to the links, i salute ya sir

    1. Mai. 2008, 2:16
  • ontheupside

    STOP ABUSING ARTIST CONNECTIONS! i love the picture of that cathedral though, it's fantastic

    1. Mai. 2008, 3:13
  • DaveGamer

    similar subject matter of an album cover =/= plagiarism.

    1. Mai. 2008, 3:21
  • AmeDanceMix

    It's not plagiarism. All three pictures were taken from different angles. It would be plagiarism if it was the EXACT same image.

    1. Mai. 2008, 3:55
  • -MatX-

    Evanescence = MTV's version of Nightwish

    1. Mai. 2008, 4:19
  • Fulvian

    So it's called Angel of Grief? pardon my ignorance. If that statue is gothic, could we call Evanescence and Nightwish gothic please? xD and pardon the artist connections, copied-pasted from my overall charts xD

    1. Mai. 2008, 11:06
  • AnnaDraconida

    [quote]I fail to see how Nightwish or Evanescence are female fronted Gothic metal. I'm not familiar with the other band.[/quote] Grieving angel on the cover-check. Sometimes cheesy, emotional lyrics-check. Overuse of black eyeliner on both the fans and the band members-check. It's kinda obvious, IMO.

    1. Mai. 2008, 11:21
  • my_eyes_burn

    you are all wrong, these are gothics : http://invasionsbarbares.free.fr/410.jpg :)

    1. Mai. 2008, 12:06
  • AnnaDraconida

    Haha... Actually, I have no idea why the grieving angel-withering rose-cemetery dwelling-pale doughy skin-black makeup-black lace-synthesizer/symphonic metal thing is called gothic. :-P Oh, and NW did a cemetery photo shoot with Anette, posing among old crosses and stuff. What smells like shit and looks like shit IS usually shit.

    1. Mai. 2008, 13:00
  • Planet_Hell

    I wouldn't call Nightwish gothic either. Unless if I want to be murdered by gothfans :P It's somehow wrong. Gothic is for me the buildings, not that statue. Angel of grief was made from an artist to his wives grave. That's why it says... Evelyn Story on it, or whatever her name was. It is really beautiful. But there's so many copies of that statue, you can find it everywhere in the world almost.

    1. Mai. 2008, 13:21
  • Angel0fGrief

    This is so 2004 -.- You should have done a little more researching before posting ;)

    1. Mai. 2008, 17:34
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