[UVR1102] Ultra Vague Recordings - VA - Uvarious Artists Vol.1 (2011)


28. Jan. 2011, 12:32

UVR News:

Ok, I'd like to tell you what I'm currently working on. It's a VA compilation Uvarious Artists VOL.1 featuring:
NIMB, Fudo Kazuki,
Каракуль, KARIZZA,
CherryVata, New Edge,
Mamanet, Pur:Pur, Blicq
IMMAGO, Tango Tempo,
So July, twiggy pop,
Frost Nova, Rekevin,
Diamos Roll
every track is a page in my life (and I hope in yours to). I'm talking about ups and downs, love and losses and what it takes to love sometimes. I'm very proud of every single track. We are on a same boat if you feel the same. This is my most private compilation.

Andrew Uvarov,
Director at Ultra Vague Recordings
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