• Last.FM never dies

    13. Mai. 2012, 17:59

    With all the services on the web growing east and west like bad weed on a summer morning, I gotta hand it all to Last.FM. Even Spotify doesn't catch me yet. I just don't like them telling me what app to use and choose when listening to music, but prefer to have last.FM scrobble my preferred apps.

    So, back with the Last.FM client, drop all my CD's on the NAS box, and then I'll let my iPhone and iTunes do the trick. By the way, I still have my CD's racked up in the iiving room and got those vinyls in mind as well. Digital streaming just doesn't beat som proper hardware and cabling for old-school listening. I wish I could afford som Audiolab and Spendors, but that'll have to wait.
  • Smoking Wes with Goin out of my head

    28. Nov. 2007, 13:15

    Having listened to Wes Montgomery for over a decade now, I've heard a lot of good tracks with smoking guitarplay that'll stun any deaf metalbucket like myself.

    Just today a friend and colleague of mine dropped by my desk with "Goin out of my head" recording in '65 at van Gelder studios and currently bering released by Verve.

    On this burning record Wes pulls out the guns backed up by a big band full o brass. Tracks like Chim Chim Cheree just stun you out of comission, as do Naptown Blues and Twisted Blues.

    One thing is for sure, if you're into guitar heroes, you'll have to pick this one up at the record store. Wow!
  • Dark Tranquility roots deep in me

    20. Sep. 2007, 13:37

    I've been across a lot of different metal over the past 15 years, and especially during the last 3.

    Just a year ago I had my first taste of Swedish Dark Tranquility, a slightly more trashy genre og Katatonia's / Opeths doom-style metal. September 10th 07 I gave them a shot on concert, and currently they reign supreme in my metal selection.

    Typical for much Swedish metal it focuses on the melodic atmosphere but maintains a solid distance to the more flowery/folky/battle metal genre, keeping the pace up and powerful.

    While Opeth will always remain my numbre 1 Swedish band, Dark Tranquility is certainly roting deep into me.
  • Back to the Jazz

    2. Mär. 2007, 21:35

    Got a new rig at work, and never really got around to reinstalling the 'fm client, so I guess its better to just sum up the last months listening.

    Its been all back to the Jazz. With som new rereleases of Ben Webster albums, a few new introductions to my collection amongst the piano players (you never tire with Oscar Peterson).

    I guess I'm just not old enough, or have heard enough jazz, to actually say who my favorite jazz artist is, although I keep quoting Wes Montgomery's fab guitarplay.

    Even so, Oscar Peterson or Art Tatum has to rank high "up there" on the piano scale. But frankly, I doubt it would be realistic to sat "who's on top" when arguing Jazz. Its all about the magnificence of the sound.
  • Wolfmother. Wolf or sheep?

    23. Aug. 2006, 12:42

    You gotta be amazed how much retro fashion has struck the world over the last 4-5 years.

    Everything from bikes to mailboxes, clothing, sunglasses, haircuts and undewear.. hell I'd be surprised not to see retro cellphone in military shoebox-size appear in the stores sooner or later.

    Wolfmother is without a question a a band who can be labelled retro-rock. But much in contrast to (dis)regard to retro fashion, these guy bring out the best of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep and the rest of the psychedelic rocksters of 70's.

    Let it be said, you gotta know and love the above mentioned bands to really understand and love Wolfmother for their style.

    I had a brief sideways listen to them at the 2006 Roskilde Festival (see and now deeply regret not having been insanely drunk and barging thrugh the crowds.

    Wolfmother is by far the best initiative of the old Led Zeppelin / Black Sabbath style rock I've heard for years. And the best part? They don't hide it. The just whack out the flowery-sickening-lsd-naive-lyrics and riffs and enjoy it. They don't try to perform it, they are it! I'm sure we'll find these guys somewhere in the bush enjoying some nice aborigenese fungi and stompin' the ashes in tribal festivities down under.

    So as much as they Wolfmother is ditched by many, for being what they are - a little too flowery - they deliver the goods hands down..... guess its time to recover the Hendrix outfit, and enjoy the groove of retro fashon along-side Wolfmothers great sound.

    Go dig it man!
  • Jazz and metal, incompatible?

    18. Aug. 2006, 8:07

    I've often received wry faces when answering the question "what kind of music do you listen to?" at dates or just between friends or fellow listeners at concerts.

    Why? Because I mainly sum up my listening taste in two groups, that many perceive as incompatible: Jazz and Metal.

    On one ocassion I love the arduous performances delivered by our late Wes Montgomery, Sten Getz or Ben Webster, and another ocassion I really want to kick it with Glen Bentons throat-wrenching, Opeth's mellow-metal or Volbeats Thrash n Roll.

    Why is this so difficult to understand?

    Some think it social. That jazz is subject to the higher social layers of snobbery, and that metal is subject to the urban middle-lower class listeners. Bullshit I say!

    Jazz was founded in the gutters, and even subject to Nazi prejudice as Negro music and thus unwanted in the old Nazi Germany. Jazz is as much middle-low class listening as metal, and metal is as higher class listening as Jazz. No Difference.

    Some think it intellectual. While it is true, that Jazz often requires a more articulate hearing and analysis to understand, compared to Deicide, Volbeat or Opeth. Yet lyrics and environment of metal is often much deeper than offended by many.

    Metal is often subject to the label "music for the brainnumb". Thats just one big cultural misunderstanding, a statement from people observing the metal community from a pure surfacial point of view.

    My point being, jazz, opera, metal, pop.. in basics, they are all music, usually reaching our emotions via different means. Some through the harsh or morrose lyrics, others through the emotions of brass instruments or piano playing.

    Everything mixes. So no more wry faces please!
  • Christ Illusion, first impressions

    9. Aug. 2006, 8:42

    Finally Slayer's back with trash metal from the good old days. To me Slayer represents the squad of 80's metal bands together with Pantera, Sepultura and partly the less trashy Metallica.

    One of the few things trademarked by Slayer is their style. While both Pantera and Sepultura (and especially Metallica) have changed over time, Slayer is pretty much the same unpolished youthfull garage trash.

    Christ Illusion falls within their style. Lyrics definitely current with focus on war and religion. Probably a big hit with the anti-militaristic people camping outside the white house.
  • Best guitarists in the world? Stochello Rosenberg?

    8. Aug. 2006, 8:32

    If something can truly spark tensions amongst the best of friends, its the statement "X is the best guitarist in the world". Its a totally subjective verdict, that can hardly be put to objective analysis.

    Why? Because so many factors can be taken into account.

    No doubt, John Williams the classical guitarist is insanely adept, but his playing-style is like a cold and analytical and lacks the passion we all love from Sanata, Satriani, BB King or John Lee Hooker. They got passion!

    And exaxtly that last word dictates the balance between the insanely adept and true skill that makes up my definition of a true great guitarist.

    For the same reason I rest my eyes, ears and heart within the gypsy jazz guitarists. Birèli Lagrene, Angelo Debarre and Stochello Rosenberg are in each their way insanely animatory, passionate and without doubt amongst the best guitarists around.

    Have a listen to Rosenberg Trio's Live at the North Sea festival. Listen, sense and even take note of their skill while remembering that this is a live performance.

    If you want more aggression and attack, Angelo Debarre is the name, while Birèli Lagrene is closer tot he John Williams style.
  • A Great Deceiver first.

    7. Aug. 2006, 13:21

    I guess it has to start somewhere. In fact, everything does! Even the end starts somewhere.

    So my first journal entry will be my first listn on The Great Deceiver - A Venom Well Designed.

    Over the past few days my listening have been adjusting to Tomas Lindberg's savage high pitched growl, rather than your average Glen Benton deep-throat gurgle.

    Regardless of the fact, that I will never love Tomas Lindbergs voice (its okayish - not Burst-like), I must admit I really dig the style that these guys put out.

    My best and only comparison would be Pantera and or Sepultura. Yet, I find that TGD pull off the roots with a different attack to the sound, mainly their riffage repetoire is really eerie.