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Über mich

Ich bin der Geist der stets
Und das mit Recht; denn alles was
entsteht ist Wert das es zu Grunde
Drum besser wärs das nichts
So ist denn alles was ihr Sünde,
Zerstörung, kurz das Böse nennt,
mein eigentliches Element.....

When the last leaf falls,
the wind will howl it's
the ice with crack in the rain,
and all creatures will flee,
for when the last leaf falls,
all will die.

It runs through my veins
Like liquid fire
Causing so much pain,
Yet bringing such joy
Flowing through my muscular heart
And stright into my thoughtful
Giving me life
It is the blood of time
Carrying me out of the past
And propelling me into the unending

Thick, crimson, salty, flowing
Down your arms and off my tongue
Over the lips, it drips down your neck
My heart skips as blood starts to run
Our lips now stained red and parted
Begging for more of what they lust
Heavenly smells that now linger here
Make us gasp, plead and combust
Jagged edges, and cigarette butts
Create nights filled with pleasure screams
My tights torn, and your chest bruised
Legs are split, and so are seams
Blood smeared across your face
drips from your lips.
Your gasping our in ecstasy
hands grip around my hips
Harder, faster, rougher, tighter
Stomach spasms, clench your fists
Biting, scratching, hitting, nipping
I arch my back, you grasp my wrists
Moaning, gasping. panting, grunting
You hold me down as my body twists
Relief comes but its bittersweet
a trail of blood the only remainder
of the night we spent together
till the next time i can not wait
when you get hungry and i take the bait

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