• Journal Entry #1: Start rollin' the wheel.

    20. Dez. 2010, 18:34

    Today is a Monday.
    A rather white Monday.

    Chillin', making some lyrics, listening to Django Reinhardt -like music.
    I'm serious, one listens to this, and weed is just some weird ass shit that will never accomplish this kind of epic euphoria.

    Mostly browsing random stuff on internet though, today, after 3 days of practicing we decided to take a break, yesterday was a pretty tough day, but we did have a nice rehearsal.
    We are practicing about 5 songs for our next concert, being:

    1. Hello, I'm Zombio
    2. Frizzle Fry
    3. Puddle of Everything
    4. Burgundy Cervix
    5. Iraqi Sushi (Ad-vamped)

    That'll be all for now. :)

    ~ The Commie

    P.S. Guitarist Sytze - Nigga, Drummer Tobio - Zombio, and I myself, Toyvo am "The Commie".