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Kid RockAll Summer Long 23. Mai., 12:50
Katrina and the WavesWalking on Sunshine 23. Mai., 12:46
Johnny CashI've Been Everywhere Man 23. Mai., 12:42
Johnny CashRing of Fire 23. Mai., 12:40
Johnny CashFolsom Prison Blues [live] 23. Mai., 12:37
Johnny CashI Walk the Line 23. Mai., 12:34
Joe CockerUnchain My Heart 23. Mai., 12:29
Joe CockerYou Can Leave Your Hat On 23. Mai., 12:25
Joe CockerSummer in the City 23. Mai., 12:21
Iztok MlakarPubi, usidma se 23. Mai., 12:19
Iztok MlakarKarlo špacapan 23. Mai., 12:14
Ivana KovačNima šoldi, e, pa ča 23. Mai., 12:11
GRAND MIX 8Bora Drljaca - Car ostaje Car 23. Mai., 12:09
Garth BrooksThat Girl Is A Cowboy 23. Mai., 12:04
Faith HillThe Way You Love Me 23. Mai., 12:01
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Über mich

There's a lot of attraction as I wait for destruction ...

Music saved me so many times I can't let her be alone.
The feeling of happiness, sadness, anger, the power of lifting you up, making you all hot and on the other side cry like a cloud on a fucked up day... and the memories that go with all those lyrics sang with your friends on a hot summer day or winter evening, the truths and emotions ...

Play me something fire and I'll be your blues. Play me something blues and I'll be your fire ;)
real man
who make real music,
who make me upside down
thrilling voices
cowboys and horses

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