Soundtrack to your life


13. Sep. 2008, 6:37

Opening Credits:
HELL, NO - KAT-TUN. lol.

Waking Up:
Welcome To S.J.World - Super Junior. Shit so suitable, but sounds creepy.

First Day of School:
Toy Soldier - Britney Spears. oh how weird. -.-

Falling in Love:
한사람만 (Only One Person) - F.T. Island. how awesome and how untrue and true. lol.

Fight Song:
넌나의천국 - SS501. this song is so smooth, how to fight? great song anyway.

Breaking Up:
I Could Get Used to This - The Veronicas. gosh so great!

Video Girl - Jonas Brothers. what?!

동방의 투혼 (Vibe7 Version) - 동방신기. I don't know the meaning of the title.

Mental Breakdown:
Man - SS501. what the heck is this?

Hey Mr. BiG - 이효리. Gosh I love this song, and the singer (girlcrush :D)! I don't want to dance while driving though.

Sweet Flower - 天上智喜. great one. :D

Getting Back Together:
王子的新衣 - 萧敬腾 so you mean, when we got back togehter he'll get a new clothes, and he's a prince?! lol.

Vanilla - Leah Dizon. lol.

Birth of Child:
외워두기 - F.T. Island what's the meaning of this song?

Final Battle:
Awaken - 신혜성 Good song choice, so powerful, although I do not know the meaning. Wait I heard English!

Death Scene:
12월 27일 - Boa. Gosh. -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.-

Funeral Song:
Chemicals React (Remix) - Aly & AJ. but, funeral?!

End Credits:
Dive into the future - ................... -.-


  • paige9

    i LOVE you

    2. Okt. 2008, 19:02
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