Vancouver Olympics =)


17. Feb. 2010, 6:01

Well…where should I start? (Why am I even doing this? XD) Ooooh! Yes, we should start with the opening ceremony, of course! ;D It was very…interesting. It really was. It was unlike any other opening ceremony, except for the fact that there was ice and the original lighting of the Olympic torch. ;) Otherwise, though, it was nice. At first, I was shocked by the malfunction, but it has happened in previous years as well, so I was ok after that. n_n At least they had a back up torch to light up. XD It was a good idea. It was also nice to see (can’t remember his name…) that awesome ex-hockey player there. n_n
Mr. Felix Loch was AWESOME for the Luge event! His time was amazing!!! =)
And I would like to extend my utmost distress and sadness for the tragedy that occurred during the Luge practice. What struck me more was that it was his debut Olympic as well. May the young sir rest in peace and honor…
I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO proud of Hannah Kearney for her encore Mogul Skiing! =D And she looked so cute with her braids sticking out of her helmet like ponytails. XD Anyhow, although her Moguls in Torino were unfortunate, she made a great comeback, and SHE WON GOLD! I was sooo excited to watch it, and I watched her later interview, and she was pretty hilarious. XD People like her inspire me to risk breaking my neck trying to do her stunts one day. ;) Jennifer Heil was equally amazing, and although she did not win, she did very well. ;)
Alexander Bilodeau is also a major inspiration. I am proud of him (who am I to be proud? XD). I was so touched and amazed to see how Bilodeau and his brother get along so well. They looked so sweet together, and in his interview, there was an adorable picture of him kissing his brother on the cheek. n_n Even though his brother is “different” (not to offend anyone), he continues to be an inspiration. It’s just so COOL! =) Anyway, Bilodeau ripped up those Moguls like no other! And his control and everything was AWESOME!!! YEEEAHHH!!!!
Personally, I think the Savchenko/Szolkowy group sucked in the skating pairs thing. =P Their costumes moderately scared me…but anyway, I think their routine was too…light. I liked the other Chinese couple better than them, the ones who had those beautiful blue outfits. Their outfits were very beautiful, and they resembled graceful fish while they skated (that sounded so lame, I’m sorry).
Apollo Ohno…what am I to say? I was speechless after the competition. Somehow, I feel that his performance was not…what I expected. (Then again, who am I to expect from him anyway? XD) Had Korea been able to cross the line in unison…it would’ve been beautiful. I was cheering Ohno on, but seeing the Koreans’ performance really amazed me. I’m not sure Ohno should’ve won the award. But yes, I was cheering him on nonetheless. n_n Though…something looked odd about his appearance. It’s like he was nervous, depressed, or sick…or maybe it was just me. XD Celski is also getting a lot of attention for being in third place, but honestly, he practically wasn’t even in the race. T_T It’s like he popped up in the end because there was nobody else to be 3rd. =P Although, yes, his comeback was very good. I am glad his stitches are better. n_n ANYHOW, (ahhh…I get off topic so often. XD) not only is Lee Jung-Su very cute (XD), but he did AMAZING in the short track! =D I loved watching him cruise by everyone else. n_n His hair is very pretty.;) And he has such a pretty, pretty smile….n_n
Lambiel is such a good figure skater. =) He’s got a face for some hero in a movie. XD He seems so sweet and nice too. n_n He has some sort a of sweet, goofy, yet adorable sense of humor. ;) He doesn’t fail to make me smile. =) I love his routine too, it’s so wonderful, and I love how he blends culture into it. XD I think he’d get more points if his beginning started out dramatically. His intro is kinda slow. He has cool hair too. ;) Shen/Zhao were INCREDIBLE in their pair skating. I loved how Shen was constantly thrown across the ice; it was very cool. ;) Sadly, I missed their gold medal routine. =( But they won first, and that’s what’s amazing. :)
Plushenko was…so…so…wow. His hair just flows with every spin, and I love it when he punches the air at the end of his performances, as if to silently acknowledge his victory. He’s SO cool. Also, the Japanese guy with the black and red outfit was FANTASTIC! He was SO good! And I love his hair too. ;) He also made an incredible comeback as well. ;) I also liked the guy who did his routine to a sort of jazzy number. He was really good. I don’t know why they gave him 9th place. =( I was hoping he’d get more than that. >.< Patrick Chan made me angry with his comment about one of the skaters being “old”. He has no right to tell anyone that. Plus, he didn’t even win, so technically, he just got beat out by the “old” guy. Oooooh, burned…. Oh yeah, and Johnny Weir…I’ve got so much to say, but nothing to say. I have these comments in my head, but I’m not sure how to write it out. I understand he’s so “flamboyant”…but…I don’t know, there was something a bit odd about him. o_0
Evan Lysacek is an absolutely incredible, dynamic man. His figure is so elegant, whether he tries to make it that way or not. And his sharp, distinctive features are so…(sigh…I really did sigh. n_n) strong. I am proud of him even though he won second place. His routine was so, so lovely. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. His long legs gracefully waltzed across the ice as if he were cascading through water. I waited through the whole program, just to see him perform. Had I wanted to, I would’ve just switched off the TV and waited. But, you see, I didn’t know when he came on, and I didn’t want to risk missing him for the world. I love, love, love Evan Lysacek so, so much…


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