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KekalEmpty Space Gestern um 08:49
KekalBlessing in Disguise Gestern um 08:43
KekalRomantika Destruksi Gestern um 08:41
KekalThe Way of Thinking Beyond Comprehension Gestern um 08:32
KekalEnvy and It's Manifesto Gestern um 08:26
KekalBroken Gestern um 08:21
KekalA Dream for a Moment kostenloser Download Gestern um 08:15
KekalThy Neighbor's Morality Gestern um 08:08
KekalStrength in My Weakness Gestern um 08:03
KekalCharacteristicon Gestern um 07:57
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Über mich

I am awesome and like (some) music. Talk to me about it, or jump to a different page.

Rec me stuff/add me on RYM.

- Mind and body are same- neither are objects separate from the self. The English Language is silly. Consider adopting Scottish accent to null.

- You should probably never date a college student again.

- Keep mind self focused on present actions, but do not forget to balance past experience with future goals. Change present action if malcontent.

- Only adopt animal if animal in question is unable to live outside of human care. Never perpetuate grey-area cycle of domestication/overpopulation. Shit is not cool.

- Nexus cards exist. The fuck is up with that?

- Now is every moment. We are experiencing the music of the universe with every cognition. Don't focus too much on one melody. Step back and allow yourself to recognize the whole.

- Your unconscious mind is powerful. Consider psychodynamic psychotherapy. You cannot step outside of yourself definitely, and no matter how much Jung you read, someone else has probably read more.

- Everything flows. Words are beauty. Genuine smiles are too scarce. Call that woman sooner rather than later.

- Request & examine reason for problem instead of offering what may be considered by you to be easy & apparent solutions. Understanding someone in their own terms, not yours, is key to right care, & egos love to project.





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