It's official: gonna watch 3 Björk concerts!


4. Sep. 2007, 4:29

Finally, after 9 years, Björk's gonna be back to Brazil to perform. TIM Festival, which happens in 4 different Brazilian State capitals during a week, has managed to schedule 3 gigs of her Volta Tour.
OK, she actually was here during the recording period of Medúlla (2003~2004) with her husband for the Carnival (which she took as an oportunity to record afro beats which later became the beats to be heard on the track "Mouth's Cradle"), so it's not like she's completely forgotten about Brazil for the past decade. But this time she's not coming in peace! That odd lady is gonna bring down the house! She's gonna rock, she's gonna whatever's-the-best-expression-to-describe-a-concert-by-Björk!


Yeah, I'm gonna attend all three concerts here in Brazil. As a matter of fact, I've gotten the tickets right here. Can't even begin to tell you how it felt like when I got them (I just couldn't control a silly ear-to-ear smile for like 20 minutes). Anyways, here's the schedule:

RIO DE JANEIRO, October 26th: the first gig (second festival day) on a Friday in the so-called Marvelous City! Never been there before (let's not forget Brazil is continent-sized, so cities tend to be really really far away here), but I'm certainly eager to find out the marvels in it. The concert? Well, now you're really gonna envy me: Antony And The Johnsons is gonna open it! Yeah, that means we're gonna get the "Dull Flame Of Desire" duet live! <3

SÃO PAULO, October 28th: second concert on a Sunday in the biggest city in Brazil (its population alone is bigger than quite a few European countries). Gonna spend the Saturday there so to go with the coolest guy to one of the best night clubs in the world ("D-Edge"), according to some hip magazine. On Sunday, of course, gonna spend most part of the day on a line so to get a decent position in the crowd (people say the venue there isn't that great).

CURITIBA, October 31st: BIG SURPRISE! This is MY city. Not even near as big as the two above, but certainly a famous city in Brazil for being a neat, beautiful State capital. Anyways, no one actually believed the festival organization would manage to get Björk to play here, but they did it! It's like the perfect place for me to end this "Short Björk Brazilian Tour"... it's home! I am, naturally, gonna spend the night in front of the hotel where she's gonna stay, shirtless, hoping for someone close to her to see my enormous Vespertine tattoo and tell her "a crazy guy's tattooed your swan on his back... you've got to see him". OK, now I'm just day-dreaming, but maybe, just maybe, I'm a lucky guy... =P

6 days, 3 Björk concerts. Hope I don't die right at the first one. ;D


  • sarotida

    ...yeah, I say so, because in the last decade, she hasn't even dreamt, I believe, about coming to Mexico. That could be a little annoying but, who am I to judge ? She is a real artist and all can be forgiven and forgotten... As long as she gives us some of her magic next december, everything will be alright. Good luck and enjoy the gigs !! Sarai GM

    4. Sep. 2007, 5:15
  • Mazin1985

    loool how IRRITATING IS THIS POST?? not only lucky to be attending three concerts... but also planning a shirtless SWAN TATTOO SHOW OFF looool it'll be really exciting if she notices you... maybe she'll add your picture (in future) in some greatest hits album or somethin' :P well you'll have nothing better to do anyway so stand in front of her hotel... but beware once I saw on E! she jumped on some reporter and almost SMASHED that guys face. and don't forget to take videos at the concert ;) have funnn :'(

    4. Sep. 2007, 17:31
  • FatherLucifer

    Mazin, you're just great, man! :'D

    5. Sep. 2007, 19:25
  • kaueblass

    mas é MUITO metido, pelamordedeus.. e faltou falar q vc vai pro D-edge com a pessoa maaaaaaaais legal =P

    6. Sep. 2007, 13:59
  • kaueblass

    Hahaha! agora sim, ficou beeeeeem mais legal esse post! :D

    8. Okt. 2007, 11:06
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