• Skewing your numbers by not being at home to actually listen...

    31. Jan. 2007, 7:40

    I'm sorry I'm only talking about one person really, but there are plenty on who do it. Your not home and your playing music, and no one is actually listening to it. I love this service too much to see it be a music post contest to see how many songs you listen to. It's fine to compare, but don't turn it into a contest.
  • Pandora and and the thing called PandoraFM

    16. Okt. 2006, 8:00

    Well these two services differ greatly but using them combined can be quite useful. I have discovered new artist through Pandora I wouldn't have found otherwise. This is why it is useful for music Discovery. I know offers this functionality, and I have had it previously. I found it very genre locked to the point it'll lock into a certain tag. I do like this feature if I'm trying to find even more similar artist. However, Pandora is a bit better at searching for music that sounds similar which is why I like PandoraFM. This can help you discover new areas of music that are similar versus just within a genre.

    I'm sure it's posted elsewhere, but here is the link:
  • The reasons why I don't write much on this service

    29. Sep. 2006, 9:21

    I like alot the point of it is great, but I have my own existing blog. I have to take time to redo it but I think the focus to write there instead of here is granted. I'm going to try to write some on this but most likely repost to the blog only when I have something music related to write about. I can't wait till Army Of Anyone has their album released me being a massive Filter fan.