Review: Five Finger Death Punch - War is the Answer


30. Sep. 2009, 20:27

Artist: Five Finger Death Punch
Album: War Is the Answer
Release Date: September 22, 2009
Review Date: September 30, 2009

Disclaimer: Just to get this out of the way. This review is based entirely on my own impressions. I am in no way affiliated with Five Finger Death Punch, their record label, or anyone else involved with the band. At the time of this writing,Five Finger Death Punch is seventh on my all-time played list with 771 scrobbles.

Note: My review scale will be switching to a 10 point scale from this point on.

Review: Five Finger Death Punch is back with a vengeance with their Sophomore album, War is the Answer. The band had a lot to prove after the widely successful album, The Way Of The Fist. Were they able to handle this task? I would have to say that indeed the album was a very good album, although it's taken sometime to grow on me, which is the cause for the delay with the review.
Upon my first few listens through the album, I found little that really stood out at me and drew me in. However, the more I began to listen to this album, the more I began to appreciate and realize just how great the CD really is. Five Finger Death Punch is back, and they are just as good if not better than ever.
Dying Breed kicks of the album, delivering a hard packing metal sound, that is broken up by its catchy chorus. The track also features a powerful FFDP style solo, that fans are sure to enjoy. Following that is the albums lead single, Hard to See. Hard to See is a radio friendly catchy rock song. This song shows something that is prevalent through the album. A lot of the songs on War is the Answer are softer than we would typically expect from the band. This caught me off guard at first, as I wasn't expecting to see tracks such as Walk Away, Crossing Over, Bad Company, and Far From Home. Little did I know that these tracks would go on to become some of my favorite from the album. The powerful lyrics, although some a bit cliche, still manage to hit home and really get you thinking. No One Gets Left Behind really does a phenomenal job with this by featuring lyrics such as: "Play your war games with other people's lives. It should be you on the front line." and "Have you no honor? Have you no soul? What is it they're dying for? Do you really even know?" I don't want to give the impression the album is all softer songs though. Tracks such as Bulletproof and Burn It Down hit as heavy as any song from Way of the Fist and should not be missed. Overall, I was quite impressed with the diversity in the album and liked the changes of style made from Five Finger. I look forward to watching them continue to grow as a band and look forward to whatever they have up their sleeve next.

Overall: 8.5/10


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