Opeth @ Vicar Street


14. Nov. 2006, 11:05

13 Nov – Opeth, Paradise Lost

I was in a rush on my way to the gig, being in college that day, so I had to rush home, shower, and get out quickly again. Being the kind of event that it was, I knew that it would probably be safer to wear just a t-shirt, as a coat would have to be taken off without a doubt, and probably lost in the process. About five minutes worth of walking later, it became clear that this may have been a mistake, the cold wind blowing was quite unpleasent. Then it started raining, and by the time I arrived I was throughly soaked and cold.

Paradise Lost

Handily enough, I walked in just a couple of minutes before Paradise Lost came out on stage. I had never heard anything by them previously, so it was quite fun to see something completely new to me. They were alright, maybe a bit too fast and happy. The bald guitarist guy was overly strange, never before have I seen a constant stream of sweat flicking off someone wearing only a tshirt in a reasonably cool room. Paradise Lost played for ~1 hour, and then disappeared out back, while the stage was set up for Opeth. There were the usual morons calling for "one more choon", when, in fact, there were no more choons to be had.


About half an hour later, Opeth kicked off the main act strongly with Ghost of Perdition. There was a good atmosphere and a great crowd, and the gig had all the usual things you'd expect at a good Opeth gig - heckling, a neo-nazi-esque guy punching everyone in the pit, Mikael Åkerfeldt joking and talking between songs. The set was mostly great, though I am not too fond of stuff off My Arms Your Hearse.

Overall the performance was very enjoyable, and I had a far better time than I did at their previous gig in the same place earlier in the year, in June.

Åkerfeldt dons a Burger King crown


  • Sutoko

    xD! That hat is hilarious. Nice concert hearing I hear. D: Or something. Yes. Opeth <3

    15. Nov. 2006, 0:22
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