• Hellogoodbye Concert Wrap-up

    21. Apr. 2008, 3:31

    Alright so I got to the concert and I'd like to consider it more of a festival as there were many many bands.. when I had gotten there alot of them already played although I did get to catch a few bands before Hellogoodbye.

    1. A Letter To You
    - Great band live, very cool guys to hang out with I definitely recommend seeing them if you have the chance. The lead singer is a really mellow guy but extremely energetic on stage with an iconic yellow guitar.

    2. Holiday Parade
    - Amazing, these guys knew how to put on a great show, really enjoyed their music and consider them a huge highlight of the show.

    3. As Tall As Lions
    - These guys were interesting.. pretty much all of their songs seemed to kind of blend although I must admit having a 2-minute bass solo was epic in many ways.

    4. Hellogoodbye
    - Playing everything that was ever good including bonnie taylor shakedown and touchdown turnaround. Amazing live, lead singer is hilarious and consistently decided to go Whoo! Crowd was slightly moshing which was awkward for hgb.

    Overall it was a great thing except when the venue staff didn't accept credit and I had to scour the campus for an ATM even though there was none around for like a mile... I walked it and I wasn't happy but then when I got my A Letter To You pelican shirt I was simply ecstatic.
  • Anberlin one week Hellogoodbye the next!

    17. Apr. 2008, 20:59

    Well the other week I saw Anberlin at the Jack Breslin Student Event Center and it was amazing. Pretty much we had to sit around and watch the concert at first, sitting in a concert isn't fun at all.

    Although Anberlin thought the same and simply decided to call everyone up to the main floor and produce a level of epic quality. Swarming Anberlin fans and A Day Late to rock out to.

    This still pales in comparison to a recent announcement a new Anberlin CD coming out. Excitement is building for New Surrender

    Although new this week I'll be seeing Hellogoodbye at MSU, for free. Wonder how they are live and if they'll be amazing when they sing touchdown turnaround.

    Heres to hoping, but if their not I can always go rock-climbing.
  • Getting Ready for Motion City

    18. Jul. 2007, 21:04

    Alright so I used to get the new Motion City Soundtrack track, and well I am loving it. Broken Heart is amazing =D. From what I hear on absolute punk the other tracks are going to be amazing as well.

    So pumped for Even If It Kills Me. =D

    you should be too =D

  • Starting new

    13. Jul. 2007, 18:45

    Well here it is my music journal.. detailing exploits of my musical tastes, new albums I'm excited for, songs I hate, bands I love, and sometimes a promotional quip to a website I think you should visit =P.

    Starting fresh from an old account, here I go!

    To start, The Format has allowed Dog Problems to be downloaded free from their website, I highly recommend it, Oceans is my fav track. =D Have fun.

    PS If you can check out Forever the Sickest Kids as well they just released a new EP. Personally She's A Lady is the best