A Feeding Frenzy of FOWL, come and get it!!!!


7. Jan. 2008, 19:09

Killing Time With FOWL and Friends
For a limited time only, I'm making the album Killing Time with FOWL and Friends available for complete download. Occasionaly, I allow other humans into my base meant for glory and record their outputs and piece some of what comes into album on it's own. This one is a personal favorite of mine, hear Jake Neumann tear it up on bass in a fusion epic jam, hear Alex Armstrong sing about the sad fate of his friend who brought a starter pistol to school, hear Forget Kevin attempt to live up to the legacy of ANIMAL on drums, hear Wild Bill make a desperate attempt at standup comedy only to lose his girlfriend in the process, and hear ten boneheads jabber at you at once. Tis a joy to behold! Come kill some time with me!


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