Are You Questioning 2 Of My Most Recent Popular Scrobbles??


27. Apr. 2011, 14:50

You maybe wondering if there is a reason for me playing 3 Doors Down - When You're Young & Fuel - Leave the Memories Alone as much as I have recently.

Well the main reason is due to Edge retiring (which is also why you maybe seeing a fair bit of play-time for his theme music Alter Bridge - Metalingus).

See When You're Young was used in the tribute video - SmackDown: A retrospective of Edge's career & because I feel its fitting (as most songs WWE pick for tribute videos are) I can't help but play it & of course think of Edge!

The reason for Fuel - Leave the Memories Alone is while I am reflecting on one legend (Edge), another legend (Ric Flare) came to mind & I thought I would try find the track used in his WrestleMania 24 video & well after dusting off my WrestleMania 24 DVD I got it & I am reflecting on both Edge & Flares tribute music, but it goes without saying at this time Edge is getting more attention from me!


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