Top Albums from My Top Bands - Part Two


4. Apr. 2008, 21:40

K, so since last time, my top bands have shuffled a little bit. Plus, I only have time to do a shorter review, but who cares. BRING THE NOISE.

Terrorvision - How To Make Friends And Influence People
3 years ago this month, I got to see Terrorvision, my brother took me to see Terrorvision, one of his favourite bands, live. Since that point, the Bradford Boys have slowly crept up until now they are among my favourite bands. How to Make Friends is a rare slice of cult britpop torn from the early 90's. While it may not have the production values of later albums, it certainly makes up for it in its charm. With their fusion of heavy metal riffs, grooves and popular music structure (often cited as Loud Pop) this album kicks it all out, with breakthrough singles 'Alice whats the Matter' and 'Oblivion'. Full of set list staples and fan favourites, this album is an absolute must for fans of upbeat, moshy rock such as the Wildhearts.
Top Track: What Makes You Tick

Front Line Assembly - Flavour Of The Weak
Front Line Assembly are one of Canada's most obscure, yet greatest EBM exports. Flavour of the Weak cemented their Industrial metal background, but fused it with breakbeats to create a fresh sounding and very much alive experience. With some of the most complex, yet catchy bass hooks ever to grace industrial ebm, Flavour constantly builds layers of sound and energy, along side samples and Bill Leeb's bitter vocoder (safe to say, they ditched the Dodgy Pantera riff thievery of Millennium). Many of the songs are difficult to get into (Evil Playground and Sado-Masochist come to mind) but if you can get over the initial hurdle of the taxing intros, the songs themselves are pure gold. While this review may not do it justice, FLAvour of the Weak is an absolute triumph of fusion, and a stunning album.
Top Track: Corruption

Placebo - Placebo
When you hear Placebo, you know it's Placebo. With Brian Molko's blissfully nasal voice and triple entendres, they have created a delicately unique sound. Placebo's eponymous debut album is the perfect example about why more people should care about them. From the driving snare of Come Home to the Sleaze ridden anthem Nancy Boy, this album is the example of the potential achievement Placebo would slowly arc towards. Filled with fragile, yet crunchy guitars and melodic bass work, Placebo is a masterpiece. While it may not live up to the standards laid down by fans of later records, every track is a journey through a drugs and sex fueled world. Even the 6 minute, suffocated Swallow shows how this band was ready to set off an astonishing catalogue.
Top Track: Come Home


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