Here is one of those games again


24. Okt. 2007, 20:07

This one is for you Udapruda, I know you wanted me to do this one ;)

1. Why did you decide to take this quiz?
Song: All you ever do
Artist: Violent Delight
Comment: I certainly don't hope so!

2. What is your secret dream?
Song: Posters
Artist: Jack Johnson
Comment: Of who or what I wonder? Hm, it most be of my hot boyfriend!

3. Who will be your slave?
Song: Scream
Artist: Timbaland
Comment: Yeah, you do that slave! :P

4. What will you look like at the age of 80?
Song: Hell him
Artist: Celine Dion
Comment: Please don't tell - it's supposed to be a secret, you know!

5. Where will you meet your arch enemy of life?
Song: It's A Disaster
Artist: OK Go
Comment: If we decide were to meet - it will be a disaster indeed...

6. What is the meaning of your life?
Song: Love man
Artist: Otis Redding
Comment: All you need is love!

7. What do you hate the most?
Song: Light's out
Artist: Millencolin
Comment: The dark is scarry!

8. What do you love the best?
Song: Spiderwebs
Artist: No Doubt
Comment: God no! I hate that!

9. What makes you feel like jumping out the window?
Song: Come Out and Play (Keep'em Separated)
Artist: The Offspring
Comment: *laughs* I could also use the door...

10. What do you think about bananas?
Song: Basement
Artist: Puddle of Mudd
Comment: This just doesn't make sense.

11. Where would you like to be now?
Song: Jul hos Frälsningsarmén
Artist: Lars Demian
Comment: Haha, I don't think so, but it's the right season for it...

12. Who would you like to have a tea-party with?
Song: Hey modern days
Artist: The Ark
Comment: Sounds like a REALLY interesting tea party...

13. How would you describe your childhood?
Song: A whisper
Artist: Coldplay
Comment: I don't want to talk about it.

14. If you could do anything you want, what would it be?
Song: We could be heroes
Artist: B.W.O
Comment: I would do what I want... but what would I do?

15. If they would make a movie about you, what would be the title?
Song: All that I am
Artist: The Afters
Comment: Hey, it's about me! Can't I show of a little?

16. Where did the pigeons go?
Song: High
Artist: James Blunt
Comment: High into the sky!

17. This halloween, you'll dress up as a:
Song: Celebrate
Artist: Embrace
Comment: It could be hard finding a costume like that..

18. What would you like to keep in your pockets all the time?
Song: Wind Up
Artist: Foo Fighters
Comment: Wind? Aah you mean nothing.

19. If you'd won the lottery, what would you buy first?
Song: Suga mama
Artist: Beyoncé
Comment: Sugar to my cute mom....not

20. What will you reply when you get your first job opportunity?
Song: Battery check
Artist: Millencolin
Comment: Better load them up!

21. What do you scream when the robber runs off with your wallet?
Song: Somewhere a clock is ticking
Artist: Snow Patrol
Comment: Yeah, I have planted a bomb somewhere to piss him off.

22. What are your thoughts about the moran who made this quiz?
Song: Feel good inc
Artist: Gorillaz
Comment: Yeah I feel good about all the songs and comments.

That's all folks! :)


  • UdaPruda

    Haha, den var ju skitbra ju! Somewhere a clock is ticking blev ju hur bra som helst! Och High också! Glad att du nämner mig! :)

    26. Okt. 2007, 13:12
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