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Über mich

I work for EA in the QA department testing games it's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it huh?

This site is all about teh music so I guess I should say something about that! so here goes... For me it's all about the songs, don't get me wrong I have my favourite artists and living in Woking you know Weller's going to be in there but the moment you categorise what type of music you like you run the risk of cutting yourself off from all the other flavours to taste out there and that's why I'm sticking to the songs.

It's the hooks that get me time and time again whether it's a catchy melody, well thought out lyrics, a guitar riff, a monumentous intro (I know you know it), jaw dropping breaks or face melting solo... it's all there and it's ALL GOOD BABY!

Stand by me my apprentice...

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