Sometimes I wonder if I'm still alive...(8)


9. Nov. 2007, 12:51

Post your top ten bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite.

01. Placebo
First: Song to Say Goodbye
Love: Special Needs
Current Favorite: Space Monkey

02. The Cure
First: Burn
Love: Burn
Current Favorite: Lovesong

03. Sonic Youth
First: Silver Rocket
Love: Schizophrenia
Current Favorite: Schizophrenia

04. Foo Fighters
First: Resolve
Love: The Pretender
Current Favorite: Best of You

05. Interpol
First: Mascara
Love: Obstacle 1
Current Favorite: No I in Threesome

06. David Bowie
First: Heroes
Love: Rebel Rebel
Current Favorite: Queen Bitch

07. Joy Division
First: Love Will Tear Us Apart
Love: Love Will Tear Us Apart
Current Favorite: Love Will Tear Us Apart
(I'm boring, I know)

08. Verdena
First: Valvonauta
Love: Valvonauta
Current Favorite: Angie

09. Depeche Mode
First: Freelove
Love: Freelove
Current Favorite: Barrel of a Gun

10. Nine Inch Nails
First: Dead Souls
Love: Hurt
Current Favorite: Dead Souls


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