My oh my, how tastes change...


26. Aug. 2006, 20:21

Anyone remember how different my tastes were at the beginning of the year? Yeah, I do too. It's funny how much someone can change in 6 months. I went from listening to hardcore death/black/doom/power/whatever metal to pop-punk, trip-hop, alt rock, indie rock... really whatever the hell I can get my hands on.

I might direct this page to my journal written at the beginning of the year. Yeah, that's a lot of metal. That's not how it really is now.

My favorites:

Armor for Sleep
This band is really awesome. What To Do When You Are Dead is a really amazing album... stuff like Car Underwater and A Quick Little Flight really sticks with you.

Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man
Okay, so this is a bit of a one-song band for me, but that's all I need to say I love something. Show. That's all I have to say.

CHEVELLE DOES NOT SOUND LIKE TOOL. AT ALL. With that out of the way, Chevelle really does remind me of my favorite band of all time. Especially on Wonder What's Next. Gotta say my favorite is Don't Fake This... so much power in one track. Astounding.

lol, </stereotype>. In all seriousness, Coldplay really does make some very good music. Gotta say the singles are my favorites here... The Scientist and Fix You are way up in my top faves.

Dashboard Confessional
Another one-trick pony in my playlist. Don't Wait... yeah.

Death Cab for Cutie
Yup, I'm still mainly into Plans... which is basically amazing.

My old mainstay, Evanescence has a new single, Call Me When You're Sober, and a new album due out in October. I'm excited.

Explosions in the Sky
This is a one-trick pony too, but the difference is this band has good songs other than the one I listen to. Go figure. A Song for Our Fathers remains the best instrumental ever written.

Foo Fighters

The Fray
Ignoring the obsessed teenage girls, the second band to ever come out of my hometown is solid piano pop. They're basically amazing. How to Save a Life and Look After You are two melodic masterpieces. Just amazing.

Still really into Somewhere Only We Know, but now also very into lead-off single Is It Any Wonder?.

Lydia is basically the most underappreciated band of the past several years. It's December; It's One More and I'm Free is essentially amazing. Every song on it is worth listening to a million times and more. My absolute favorites are Smile, You've Won, It's In Your Blood, Always Move Fast, A Story For Supper, and A Camera Lens And Careful Days. Not in that order. Amazingly beautiful music.

Nine Inch Nails
Yeah, they still rock.

Panic! at the Disco
Once again, ignoring the screaming teenage female fans, you can look past the onstage image and see a great band. I'm different; my favorite is truly Camisado, for the amazing lyrics and breakdowns. <3 them.

Not much to say except HAWT.

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Yeah. Can't Stop.

Snow Patrol
Chasing Cars is basically one of the best songs ever, and Make This Go on Forever is really really REALLY growing on me VERY quickly. It's a gorgeous song. Most of Eyes Open is really wonderful music.

Heehee, my new favorite. I discovered them through Your Ex-Lover Is Dead, but I think that the absolutely fucking fantastic Sleep Tonight is my favorite. Other favorites are The First Five Times, Reunion, and Calendar Girl... really, anything on Set Yourself on Fire is what I'm into.

Yup, that band is still here too. They're in Denver on Halloween... in a really dingy old creepy venue in the industrial section of the already run-down Aurora... I'm going faux-goth with a friend for the concert. It's going to be amazing.

Funny how much stuff changes, isn't it?


  • halogan

    The same happened to me. I was a big metal fan and suddenly, sometimes around June alternative and indie music just got me. It's just my style lately and I don't have to feel like a metalhead nor a pop guy.

    26. Aug. 2006, 20:54
  • mostly-metal

    try listenin to happy hardcore. its a new low for me. but i cant complain.

    27. Aug. 2006, 18:41
  • fallenEpitaph

    metal,most of it ; is just a show,not a music,and its over when you had enough of it.

    28. Aug. 2006, 13:50
  • coblexkitten

    :( <3

    6. Okt. 2006, 20:44
  • MeEgGaxx33

    hmm. yeah. I used to like music with screaming and stuff, the really bad screaming :] Now. I can't stand it, I'm completely in love with soft music and oldies if that's what you want to call them

    13. Okt. 2006, 3:08
  • shrodes

    Hey, this is WAY late, but you should definitely get some older Death Cab... We Have the Facts and Transatlantcism are much better than Plans (though Plans is still very good). Anyway, that's all, out.

    13. Jun. 2008, 12:18
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