blues: characteristic bands + users (by comparing several groups)


13. Dez. 2011, 18:04

full report available here (incl. account for playing/user identifying)

short summary: 6 artists from >140 selected

Muddy Waters is this week leading...

(click image to see more)

What do you think?
- the analysis is NOT based on group connections (which the group leader sets), but: on unique group artists (which are influenced by group members)
- the image is automatically updating
- the table is cut + shows only the top artists

also in list:
Howlin' Wolf
Little Walter
John Lee Hooker
Elmore James
Son House

these groups are included:
Blues Harp
Country Folk Blues
Mississippi Hill Country Blues
Pre-War Blues
Soul-Funk-Blues-Jazz and Psychedelic Grooves



  • impronen

    Pfft. Son house should be everywhere.

    11. Apr. 2012, 14:52
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