14. Jun. 2010, 13:49

Hello everyone, this is my first journal entry in english!

The famous E3 starts today. What do you hope for? For me, I can't wait for the new The Elder Scrolls game announcement - I really, really enjoyed the previous two (especially Morrowind) and I'm looking forward to the another game from this amazing series.

The next one is Diablo 3 - where the hell is my fifth class? Those that are already announced seem a bit boring (except Witchdoctor which seems to be a pretty cool guy). I really hope for some kind of cynical assassin with crossbow/daggers, or a Paladin (my favourite class in the Diablo 2).

Starcraft II... I've already played the beta (i was chosen on the first draw :D) and I'm quite skeptical about it. The game is brilliant in terms of fun but races are quite unbalanced. Every patch seemed to add just more bugs rather than clean the game out of them. I was especially fucking pissed off when Blizz added Facebook connection. Is this some kind of joke? Who needs this shit? Especially when the game started to crash often after this patch... I hope they will repair these bugs, get rid off Facebook (ha, ha...) and balance the races a little bit. I have faith in you, Blizz!

The last game that I hope to be good is Deus Ex 3. I never played the previous two (yes, you may call me a faggot) but the trailer seemed really interesting and I'm looking forward to this game. Maybe it's time to try the first one?

And what do you hope for?


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