Amaranthe - Amaranthe


22. Feb. 2012, 11:37

1. Amaranthe - Leave Everything Behind
Pretty strong opener track, which introduces a delicious genre-confusion right from the start. We are greeted by a pretty usual power metal guitarwork and then it all gets confusing. Three different vocals really lend themselves nicely in this song and blend together. VERY strong refrain. Arguably the most "power-metal-y" song of the whole album. Frankly I do not have ANYTHING to compare this to. There are traces of Keldian, that do not overwhelm the uniqueness of the song, there are traces of Scar Symmetry and even power metal classics like Stratovarius mixed in, but the end result is a very unique and fresh song.
Verdict: 5/5

2. Amaranthe - Hunger
Yet another very different song. Start reminds a bit of older Lacuna Coil, then it transforms into a high-quality melodeath piece and it all leads to very atmospheric and happy refrain. Vocal quality yet again shines through the song. Growls are perfect, female vocals have some real range and male clean vocals are decent enough. IF there was one problem with the song is that riffs and transitions between the song parts are a bit repeatable.
Verdict: 4/5

3. Amaranthe - 1.000.000 Lightyears
Clearly one of the best gems of this album and one of the most energetic songs of year 2011. Strongly reminds me of Keldian mixed with some / genre influences. The transition between three different vocal styles is flawless. VERY powerful song. Solo reminds of Scar Symmetry or Solution .45 yet again and thats not a bad thing. Thats a VERY good thing.
Verdict: 5/5

4. Amaranthe - Automatic
Some slight Nightwish influences in guitarwork, some slight Stratovarius influences in song structure. Yet again surprisingly great mix of melodic death, power metal and disco/dance electronic music. Yet again very power refrain. Yet again, a bit repetitive in its structure, but energetic enough for multiple re-listens. Yet again quite masterful solo.
Verdict: 4/5

5. Amaranthe - My Transition
Quite a progressive track and yet again a great mix of three different vocal styles.
Verdict: 5/5

6. Amaranthe - Amaranthine
Some strong Within Temptation influences at the start as well as some nice blend with nicer ballad type songs in genre. Very powerful lyrics and melodies. Most melodic song in the whole album. A very good way to introduce band concept itself, as each set of different vocals comes one after another with refrains in between incorporating vocals from those who already sung. Very "clean" and somber song.
Verdict: 5/5

7. Amaranthe - It's All About Me
Very progressive guitarwork intro and strongest growls of the whole album. Very strong contrast with Amaranthine, which comes right before this track in tracklist. Yet again there's nothing to really compare this to. Surely the most "melodeath-y" song of the whole album
Verdict: 5/5

8. Amaranthe - Call Out My Name
Very intriguing mix of melodeath and disco genres. Melodeath parts reminds me a bit of Turisas, followed by more power-metal-ish male clean vocals and transitioning into a pure / fun in refrain. One of the strongest songs of the whole album.
Verdict: 5/5

9. Amaranthe - Enter the Maze
Very melodic and catchy main vocal line. Great guitarwork. Yet again quite different from the rest of the songs in this albums. Great and catchy refrain.
Verdict: 5/5

10. Amaranthe - Director's Cut
Very proggy guitar work and good quality growls. Despite that its the song that stands out the least in the whole album. Everything is top notch, refrain is beautiful, but something just does NOT click in between the parts.
Verdict: 3/5

11. Amaranthe - Act of Desperation
Yet another song that does not stand out that much. In no way bad quality, but just after those BRILLIANT first 9 songs, this does give illusion of album loosing steam. And then refrain hits with one of the most beautiful melodies possible almost redeeming otherwise "decent" song. Quality of song is perfect, it just feels not as good as the first nine songs.
Verdict: 4/5

12. Amaranthe - Serendipity
Thankfully the last song of album is yet again great. Strong electronic influences there, great and catchy refrain, perfectly blending all three different styles of vocals. Yet again might be a bit repeatable, however very energetic. Strong solo, even if a bit too short.
Verdict: 4/5

Outstanding and great album for this band, especially considering its first "true" album by them. The quality, the production, the energy, the unique genre-blending approach - its all amazing. There are some songs that are a bit repetitive and album does lose steam in the last five songs or so, however overall its one of the best metal releases of year 2011

Best Songs:1.000.000 Lightyears, Amaranthine, Call Out My Name

Overall Verdict: 4.5/5


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