Bonjovitasia - The Wicked Symphony


29. Mär. 2010, 21:23

Okay I'll try to be as objective as possible, however I can say for sure that I had no high hopes for this album. After a huge and poptastic fail of The Scarecrow, I don't know if I should hate Tobias or feel sad for him.

Avantasia - The Wicked Symphony
Hard-rocky silly intro, then a few seconds of tobias impersonating Kamelot then a few seconds of epicness of R.Allen. then BonJovi Chorus. Repeat again. Cue random solo and random alternative instrumental.
Rating: 4/10

Avantasia - Wastelands
Generic Power metal track used as filler material. Typical unimpressive lyrics and bland guitar work. Kiskes vocals don't sound as good as I hoped they would...It seems he lost all his power...
Rating: 5/10

Avantasia - Scales of Justice
Quite a decent track. AWESOME, even, I would say. But don't be fooled yet. Its awesome because of vocalist, Tim "Ripper" Owens, who carries the song through the song alone. the instrumental side and lyrics are still bland and uninspiring.
Rating: 8/10

Avantasia - Dying for an Angel
Horrible, Horrible, horrible popsy aor track. Its clear that it was created solely to be played on mainstream radio stations and MTV. The song composition is bland and generic. The entire song revolves around refrain(just like the other pop"hits" of Tobias, "Carry me Over" and "Lost In Space).. Melodies, while a bit catchy, are completelly unoriginal. Its Tobias Sammet trying to be Bon Jovi yet again. This time, its "Have A Nice Day" by Bon Jovi.
Rating: 1/10

Avantasia - Blizzard On A Broken Mirror
Yet another horrible horrible mainstream intro to a song. Then it all evolves into mainstream metal track. then tobias tries to imitate Kamelot, The rest of song is quite decent mix of aor/metal.
Rating: 7/10

Avantasia - Runaway Train
Blong and generic ballad intro. After 2 minutes of generic-ness, we get some decent lines by Jorn Lande.. Then the generic-ness continues.

Avantasia - Crestfallen
Now now Tobias, thats no metal. Thats plain pure generic mix of alternative, electronic and screamo. And here I thought that there won't be anything more unimpressive and mainstream than Dying for an Angel. At least that track was catchy, while this...
Rating: 0/10

Avantasia - Forever Is A Long Time
A bit more dynamic intro. Then we have generic "Scarecrow" album style hard-rock/aor/mainstream_metal track.
Rating: 410

Avantasia - Black Wings
Yet again generic mainstream intro, followed by slow generic song with emo lyrics.
Rating: 3/10

Avantasia - States Of Matter
A bit more dynamic intro, generic power metal guitar-work. Decent, yet generic refrain.Song is not dynamic enough to be great.
Rating: 5/10

Avantasia - The Edge
Generic Ballad ender..
Rating: 3/10

Overall Opinion: Wicked Symphony is quite mixed thing...Some songs are WAY WORSE than previous album, The Scarecrow, while some songs are quite decent,.

Good Songs: Scales of Justice, Blizzard On A Broken Mirror

OK Songs: Wastelands, States Of Matter

Don't Bother: Everything else.

Total Overall Rating: 4/10


  • MetalFL0riO86

    What did you listen to this album once? I only heard the first song and I loved it...How can you be a Tobias Sammet fan and not love The Wicked Symphony.

    30. Mär. 2010, 3:27
  • Enforceris

    Not once. Listening once and reviewing would be subjective :P I listened through the albums at least four times before writing anything.

    30. Mär. 2010, 9:05
  • Kamryche

    I sooooo want to tag this album with BonJovi-core ..:D

    31. Mär. 2010, 23:52
  • Kamryche

    Jokes aside, its an OK album, but I doubt it'll compete with Masterplan, Kamelot and Keldian :)

    1. Apr. 2010, 0:14
  • Elevenofone

    Power Metal fags are fags. This is all great MUSIC. Without labels, you all wouldn't exist, and, that would be nice quite frankly.

    1. Apr. 2010, 20:12
  • tobirocks4u

    Hey if you just don't like sammet's music be plain about it. You failed being objective and i would really like to know what's a great album for you. p.s. no track with klaus mein on lyrics can be rated 1/10, just be serious mennnn!!!

    7. Apr. 2010, 15:27
  • CidH

    Interesting take on things, and I can see where you're coming from. Having been dragged into hardrock by Bon Jovi's older work, I know what I'm talking about when comparing this stuff. I think this is a terrific album on its own. Sure, it's not the powermetal like The Metal Opera pt 1, but it doesn't have a "Carry me over" on it either, which is probably the most disappointing Avantasia song in existence. Look a bit deeper in the meanings and the inner mindfucks relationships can cause, especially if you put this album in the perspective of the happenings in The Scarecrow. I found The Wicked Symphony to be a very introverted album, which made it hard for me to get in to, but I'm slowly peeling away the layers to discover more and more of its meaning. It ain't pure powermetal, but it's simply damn good music. Hope you will agree with me after more listen sessions, otherwise, enjoy your other music :)

    12. Apr. 2010, 23:57
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