30 Questions about your Top 30 Tracks


23. Apr. 2008, 18:42

AKA more things Emong wants to know about Scott?

1. How does 2 make you feel?

Anesthetize makes me feel.. anesthetized? x] Hehe.. It makes me feel sort of sappy but it makes nice therapy at the same time.

2. To whom would you sing/play 24?

Sour Grapes - Haha! To a priest? To Jesus? :3

3. Is there a way 15 could make you happy?

Oh James - Uhm.. Kinda aggressive song.. No..

4. Would you dance to 25?

Stripped Away - I don't really dance.. x] But I guess it would make a damn awesome dance..

5. What's the best thing about 8?

Momma Sed - It's the melody, the lyrics and Maynard's vocals. Lovely song :3

6. Does 20 inspire you?

I Only Said - It inspires me.. to write dreamy stuff \o/

7. Does 12 remind you of someone you know?

Yesterday - Nope, it doesn't remind me of someone I know but the chorus does remind me of a manga character from Loveless O.o

8. What's your favourite line from the lyrics of 9 (if there are any lyrics)?

Vagina Mine - Down this vagina mine..

9. How would you describe 27 with one word?

Touched - Trippy.

10. Is there a way 21 could make you laugh?

Trains - A sappy song about long-distance, short-term relationships? Not really something to laugh about x]

11. What's so awesome about 1?

Alison - There's Alison in it! :3 No, really, the song is amazing and the lyrics hit me every time. Just my type of a love song..

12. If 23 was an animal, what animal it would be?

The Undertaker - O.o I don't know. A giant cockroach?

13. Can you relate to 3?

Sentimental - Yes, kind of.. Thematically at least.

14. Is there a way 13 could make you angry?

Signs Along the Path - A song about being mistreated and abused. Poor girl D: It makes me angry to the guy she's singing about?

15. Would you play 5 for your girl/boyfriend?

Symphony of Treble - Heh, he or she would propably get the wrong idea.. xD

16. What does 7 tell about you?

Sleep Together - That I'm suicidal? \o/

17. Would 14 be on the soundtrack of your life?

Loomer - Hmm, I'm not really even sure what the song is about >_<

18. In which ways does 22 remind you of your mother?

40 Days - A song about missing your lover? No, it doesn't remind me of my mother D:

19. Any good memories involving 19?

Machine Gun - The first song I heard from Portishead's Third. Good times =P

20. Is there a way 11 could make you sad?

Blown a Wish - Yes >_< The song is just really.. bittersweet? for me. My imagination exhausts me sometimes >_<

21. Does 4 make you feel like falling in love?

Way Out of Here - With whom? With death? x]

22. What do you think about the lyrics of 17 (if there are any lyrics)?

When You Sleep - This is one of those songs where lyrics aren't as so important but I still really like them :3 "When I look at you, oh, I don't know what I feel. Once in a while and you make me laugh.." I love fragile songs..

23. When you close your eyes while listening to 10, what do you see?

Fear of a Blank Planet - Angsty teenagers, fragments of the music video, pills, suicides D:

24. If you had to choose, would you play 30 in your wedding or your funeral?

Luv Machine - lol! It'd make an awesome wedding song xD

25. Is there a movie 28 reminds you of?

The Becoming - Nope, but there's Death Note :P

26. Have you seen 16 performed live?

Denial Waits - I'd love to see it live :O But I haven't.

27. What would happen if you sang 18 in a public place?

The Undertaker (Renholder mix) - Haha x] People would propably take a longer distance, propably mostly because of my singing voice..

28. When did you hear 29 for the first time?

Forever Can Be - When listening to the album for the first time I guess.

29. Do you often find yourself singing/humming 26 in the shower?

To Here Knows When - Hmm, singing a song about sex when you're alone in a shower? I may be sad sometimes but not that much D:

30. Wouldn't it be awesome to listen to 6 while having sex? ;)

Only Shallow - The song IS sex ;) Trippy sex.


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