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TwiztidStory of Our Lives 19. Sep. 2012
Anybody KillaYa Neden's Haunted 19. Sep. 2012
Insane Clown PosseHokus Pokus 19. Sep. 2012
OnisionFate Recollection 29. Jul. 2012
OnisionFat Fat Burger Burger 29. Jul. 2012
SkrillexKill Everybody 29. Jul. 2012
Fleet FoxesThe Cascades 28. Jul. 2012
Band of SkullsSweet Sour Lieblingslied 28. Jul. 2012
Calvin HarrisThis Is the Industry 18. Jul. 2012
MGMTOf Moons, Birds & Monsters Lieblingslied 18. Jul. 2012
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Hi! I'm Emilie. I absolutely LOVE music! (I mean, obviously, that's why I'm here) I can never find people who like the same music that I enjoy...so I came to this place to see if I could find some peoples here! Crazy, I know. So, anyways, I play/write music and I am trying to form a new band (I left my old one because our musical ideas were just too conflicting). Add me if your heart truly desires to do so... <3

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