Taylor SwiftLong Live Lieblingslied 9034
Taylor SwiftYou Belong with Me Lieblingslied 7578
Taylor SwiftThe Story of Us Lieblingslied 7212
Taylor SwiftSpeak Now Lieblingslied 7211
Taylor SwiftBetter Than Revenge Lieblingslied 6483
Taylor SwiftSparks Fly Lieblingslied 6369
Taylor SwiftHaunted Lieblingslied 6335
Taylor SwiftMean Lieblingslied 6087
Taylor SwiftFearless Lieblingslied 5656
Taylor SwiftNever Grow Up Lieblingslied 5606
Taylor SwiftInnocent Lieblingslied 5522
Taylor SwiftEnchanted Lieblingslied 5497
Taylor SwiftSuperman Lieblingslied 5314
Taylor SwiftLove Story Lieblingslied 5242
Taylor SwiftBack to December Lieblingslied 5141
Taylor SwiftCrazier Lieblingslied 5043
Taylor SwiftFifteen Lieblingslied 4817
Taylor SwiftLast Kiss Lieblingslied 4712
Taylor SwiftJump Then Fall Lieblingslied 4452
Taylor SwiftDear John Lieblingslied 4373
Taylor SwiftYou're Not Sorry Lieblingslied 4142
Taylor SwiftUntouchable Lieblingslied 4138
Taylor SwiftThe Outside Lieblingslied 4068
Taylor SwiftOur Song Lieblingslied 4027
Taylor SwiftShould've Said No Lieblingslied 4016
Taylor SwiftMary's Song (Oh My My My) Lieblingslied 3940
Taylor SwiftWhite Horse Lieblingslied 3673
Taylor SwiftHaunted (acoustic) Lieblingslied 3039
Taylor SwiftOurs Lieblingslied 2942
Taylor SwiftBeautiful Eyes Lieblingslied 2900
Taylor SwiftMine [Pop Mix] Lieblingslied 2674
Taylor SwiftBack to December (acoustic) Lieblingslied 2672
Taylor SwiftMine Lieblingslied 1851
B.o.BAirplanes (feat. Hayley Williams) Lieblingslied 1581
Avril LavigneComplicated Lieblingslied 1286
Owl CityFireflies Lieblingslied 1252
Taylor SwiftInvisible Lieblingslied 859
Taylor SwiftI'm Only Me When I'm with You Lieblingslied 854
Taylor SwiftTied Together with a Smile Lieblingslied 845
Taylor SwiftCold as You Lieblingslied 842
Taylor SwiftTeardrops On My Guitar [pop version] Lieblingslied 828
Taylor SwiftPerfectly Good Heart Lieblingslied 810
Taylor SwiftSongs About You Lieblingslied 758
Bruno MarsGrenade Lieblingslied 451
Lady AntebellumNeed You Now Lieblingslied 388
Selena Gomez & the Scenelove you like a love song - selena gomez & the scene Lieblingslied 300
Lil' WayneHow To Love - Lil Wayne Lieblingslied 179
Taylor SwiftThe Way I Loved You Lieblingslied 4
Taylor SwiftMine (US Version) Lieblingslied 0