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Über mich

I was born in the wrong era; I would love to have been a teenager when Paramore, The Pretty Reckless and Florence + the Machine were on the radio, not fucking Justin Beiber and Rebecca Black. When not everybody had cell phones or computers, you had to go outside and call round for your friends. When denim jackets with badges and studds covering them and tartan skirts was the fashion, not skimpy shorts and belly tops, like it is now. When kids cared more about music than popularity and sex. When you could stay out until it was dark and your parents weren’t worried about you because we actually used our brains. 90’s sitcoms, black nail varnish and mowhawks, when punks were the cool kids, not the outcasts. People didn’t cake themselves in foundation, just some eyeliner was enough; on girls and boys. When people were happy with themselves.


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