This weekend: Tuinoptredens 2011 - Mintzkov! Amatorski! An Pierlé! Frank Vander…


2. Mai. 2011, 14:40

[event=]Tuinoptredens 2011[/event]

Next weekend you get the singular occasion to see bands like Amatorski, MintzkovAn Pierlé, Frank Vander linden of De Mens-fame play a unique (semi)-acoustic set you won't easily see them play elsewhere!

Other acts playing: Marble Sounds, Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat, True Bypass, Broken Glass Heroes, Spencer The Rover, Dag Taeldeman of A Brand, Few Bits, Suburban Sun who used to be called Aegis and Kites On Coast.

Where is it? In Asse, just a mere 10 kilometres from the centre of Brussels!

More info:

Mintzkov - acoustic [youtube][/youtube]


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