Zita Swoon @ Koninklijk Circus, Brussels


8. Feb. 2006, 0:57

After hearing A Song About a Girls(I still find this album title rather ridiculous!) I felt again a bit letdown by Zita Swoon. Sure it may be more consistent, and generally, better than Life = A Sexy Sanctuary, but it still didn’t give me the same passionate feeling that I Paint Pictures on a Wedding Dress and Everyday I Wear A Greasy Black Feather On My Hat do. It feels cosy and nice, but I prefer dark, emotional and dangerous, I guess. But tonight has shown that they still rock live! Although I must admit that I hadn’t really seen them live yet, just at the shooting of the Live at the Jet Studios and a short time in Werchter just before I had to catch my bus back (I wasn’t that big a fan yet then).
Zita Swoon is definitely Stef Kamil Carlens these days (just like dEUS is more and more Tom Barman with band).
And tonight it worked, old associates Tom Pintens and Aarich Jespers assisted Stef very well, although they more or less kept a low profile.

Which can't be said about the three stunning back ground singers! Randio Candip or the sisters Gijsels are a treat for both the eyes and the ears! They certainly lifted the white boy funk of some of the songs to a higher level. The uptempo version of "Jintro & the Great Luna" (I think this was released as a single too, right?) made the whole concert hall stand up and dancing (well at least the majority, I'm not really a dancer myself;) ) and also in the slower songs like for example the great covers of
Raining Pleasure and You're a Big Girl Now the girls sounded terrific.
Only their contribution in The Night felt a bit wrong.

But all in all this concert made me think that I might be a little too severe for them sometimes;)

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  • lovedeus

    thank you for your review of the concert!! i also like the 3 sisters, i love that they always wear the same clothes, only in other versions :)

    1. Mär. 2006, 22:30
  • ElBandido

    yeah you really should try to see them on this tour, although I'm not sure if they're coming your way? did you or will you catch dEUS btw? I had to let go off tickets for the Vorst concerts of the past days out of financial reasons, how painful it is to read these reviews on ISR now, even if it wasn't as good in the AB... And yeah seeing Eva and Kapinga was rather agreeable;)

    3. Mär. 2006, 16:09
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