2:29 is fuckin epic afrobeat after interstellar overdrive this one sounds scary after whole psychedelic trip this is just refreshing al hail to zappa album that show the power of human voice all hail to mike patton all hail to zappa and here comes the icepick in the forehead antidepressiva army of lemings singing arr that hammond bass bass bass bassoon 4 life better than cohen version blind can go get fucked brutal crazy saxophone dance dance dance devilish do the dudley dance epic everybody get together try to love one another right now free jazz ballad fuckin begining aarrrrarraaraaa fuckin overrated and i had to add fuckin because of the whole hype about best coast fuckin wicked but i love it and high five fuckinn slayeeeerrr great lyrics great song from lousy album hank moody history of rock right in my ears hypehypehypeforever i aint gonna take it no more i like it but i dont know why i looooove psychedelic shit like this i wanna be jim morrison im in heaven it makes me feel hungry its shocking that someone made a mistake in a title of this song on glitter and the… ja to pierdole jestem dzis w nastroju nieprzysiadalnym kick ass solo kinda reminds me atari teenage riot king solo liczba gosci to jest 777 odjac 111 to jest diabelska liczba wlasnie live at poznan live in poznan love it for the lyrics lubie ta piosenke mimo to iz jest o jezusie lullaby for robotic child lyric that i absolutely agree with magicmagicmagic marek swidzinski title track mike patton backvocals mind blowing mistic music for my funeral music for working at night najlepsze wykonanie tej piosenki live niczego o nas nie ma w konstytucji one of the sadest songs ever recorded orgasmic song end perfect music to kill little kids phew for a minute i lost myself possitive energy pulp fiction style pure dm push me to stop listening to this song queens of the stone age style reminds me rite of spring rick wright is a god riff like a elephants stomping on your head rock album of the year 2009 sad sad album seen live sexxxxy sick drummer sick sick sick song about drinking with friend song about psychokiller sonic death staaar power staaar power strange rhytm symphony for the end of 21st century ten szit codziennie mnie budzi tez bym chcial spobie pospac that moment with letter from audience is brilliant the best faith no more album the best song from the bends the grrrrrr song the riff too good for a fucking twilight sequel tum tum tum tumtumtum unsuspected album ending unsuspected noise very noisy second half way way better than album version whoever tagged sonic youth as overrated sucks xii lo im sienkiewicza rulez