A Forest of StarsGod Lieblingslied 1
A Hope for HomeAscension Lieblingslied 1
A Perfect Circle3 Libras Lieblingslied 1
A Perfect CircleThe Outsider Lieblingslied 2
A Perfect CircleThe Noose Lieblingslied 1
A Storm of LightCollapse Lieblingslied 1
A Very Old Ghost Behind the FarmBareste Lieblingslied 1
Aäkon KëëtrëhDans la Foret II Lieblingslied 0
Aäkon KëëtrëhDans la Foret III Lieblingslied 0
ABBAHappy New Year Lieblingslied 2
AbnoctoSpiritus Arma Lieblingslied 1
AboriorthThe Funeral for the Moribund Souls Lieblingslied 1
AborymLove the Death as the Life Lieblingslied 1
Absurdum EssentiaSerpentine Lieblingslied 0
Access to ArasakaEllipse Lieblingslied 1
Access to ArasakaRelay Lieblingslied 1
AcnodeCore Of Pulsar Lieblingslied 1
AcraniusGhetto Brawl Lieblingslied 1
AcylumAlone Lieblingslied 2
AcylumCrazy Lieblingslied 36
AcylumLightning Child Lieblingslied 80
AcylumTorture Tactics Lieblingslied 44
AcylumSweat Cunt Lieblingslied 2
AC/DCYou Shook Me All Night Long Lieblingslied 0
AddauraThrough the Rain Lieblingslied 3
AdemaLos Angeles Lieblingslied 19
AdemaCold and Jaded Lieblingslied 41
AdemaWaiting for Daylight Lieblingslied 17
AdemaAll These Years Lieblingslied 22
AdemaBlack Clouds Lieblingslied 40
AdemaBrand New Thing Lieblingslied 24
AdemaDays Go By Lieblingslied 20
AdemaInvisible Lieblingslied 21
AdemaOpen Till Midnight Lieblingslied 34
AdemaThe Losers Lieblingslied 17
AdemaWhat Doesn't Kill Us Lieblingslied 95
Admiral AngrySex With a Stranger Lieblingslied 2
Adolf Plays The Jazzevery single moment Lieblingslied 1
Advokat Ihrer HoheitStimulation Lieblingslied 1
AeogaI Lieblingslied 1
AeroCalifornia Lieblingslied 6
AeroEarth Angel Lieblingslied 139
AeroSunny Lieblingslied 35
AeroTry Me Lieblingslied 98
AerosmithSweet Emotion Lieblingslied 5
AerosmithDream On Lieblingslied 3
AerosmithKings and Queens Lieblingslied 4
AerosmithSame Old Song and Dance Lieblingslied 3
AerosmithCome Together Lieblingslied 2
AerosmithRemember (Walking in the Sand) Lieblingslied 3