AbsturzArschloch Lieblingslied 17
AbsturzNur mit Euch Lieblingslied 34
AerosmithCryin' Lieblingslied 8
AerosmithDream On Lieblingslied 26
AFIA Single Second Lieblingslied 11
AFIThe Boy Who Destroyed The World Lieblingslied 63
AFISilver and Cold Lieblingslied 0
AFIHalloween Lieblingslied 16
AFIThe Leaving Song Lieblingslied 15
AFIA Winter's Tale Lieblingslied 13
AFIKill Caustic Lieblingslied 33
AFIBeautiful Thieves Lieblingslied 40
AFII Hope You Suffer Lieblingslied 31
AgrypnieKadavergehorsam Lieblingslied 6
AkreaEin Leben lang Lieblingslied 27
AkreaTribock Lieblingslied 21
AkreaTrugbild Lieblingslied 17
AkreaWilde Flut Lieblingslied 15
AkreaAuf los geht's los! Lieblingslied 0
Alexi MurdochOrange Sky Lieblingslied 6
Alexi MurdochTowards the Sun Lieblingslied 5
Alice CooperPoison Lieblingslied 13
Alice CooperHell Is Living Without You Lieblingslied 9
Alice CooperBed of Nails Lieblingslied 22
Alice CooperDirty Diamonds Lieblingslied 10
All Shall PerishBlack Gold Reign Lieblingslied 33
All Shall PerishNobleza En Exilio (Spanish version) Lieblingslied 45
All That RemainsThis Calling Lieblingslied 26
AmarantheAutomatic Lieblingslied 13
AmarantheAmaranthine Lieblingslied 11
Amaranthe1.000.000 Lightyears Lieblingslied 10
Amon AmarthTwilight of the Thunder God Lieblingslied 22
Amon AmarthTattered Banners and Bloody Flags Lieblingslied 5
Amon AmarthFor Victory or Death Lieblingslied 59
Anti-FlagA New Kind of Army Lieblingslied 24
Anti-FlagThis Is The End (For You My Friend) Lieblingslied 14
Anti-FlagThe Project For A New American Century Lieblingslied 6
Anti-FlagGood and Ready Lieblingslied 12
Anti-FlagThis Is The First Night Lieblingslied 8
Anti-FlagBroken Bones Lieblingslied 26
ApocalypticaNothing Else Matters Lieblingslied 2
Arch EnemyInstinct Lieblingslied 1
Arch EnemyNemesis Lieblingslied 10
Arch EnemyRevolution Begins Lieblingslied 29
Arch EnemyThe Day You Died Lieblingslied 8
Arch EnemyIntermezzo Liberte Lieblingslied 7
AtreyuDoomsday Lieblingslied 56
August Burns RedEmpire Lieblingslied 10
AvailSimple Song Lieblingslied 12
AvantasiaFarewell Lieblingslied 12