The Dillinger Escape PlanEndless Endings Lieblingslied 329
The Dillinger Escape PlanGood Neighbor Lieblingslied 191
The Dillinger Escape PlanCrystal Morning Lieblingslied 131
Between the Buried and MeFoam Born (A) The Backtrack Lieblingslied 128
SpylacopaBloodletting Lieblingslied 126
The Fall of TroyEx-Creations Lieblingslied 123
The Dillinger Escape PlanWhen Good Dogs Do Bad Things Lieblingslied 121
Protest the HeroSpoils Lieblingslied 110
Kay Kay and His Weathered UndergroundSimon Courage Flees the Coop Lieblingslied 102
Between the Buried and Me(B) The Decade of Statues Lieblingslied 101
MastodonCrack the Skye Lieblingslied 101
Between the Buried and MeMordecai Lieblingslied 100
Protest the HeroSequoia Throne Lieblingslied 100
OursChapter 2 (Money) Lieblingslied 99
RadioheadPyramid Song Lieblingslied 92
The Human AbstractMea Culpa Lieblingslied 87
MastodonMegalodon Lieblingslied 85
MastodonDivinations Lieblingslied 80
OursRed Colored Stars Lieblingslied 79
MastodonMother Puncher Lieblingslied 79
RX BanditsTainted Wheat Lieblingslied 79
The Fall of TroyCut Down All the Trees And Name The Streets After Them Lieblingslied 78
Queens of the Stone AgeRiver in the Road Lieblingslied 75
MastodonIron Tusk Lieblingslied 74
Protest the HeroLimb from Limb Lieblingslied 74
Tom WaitsTelephone Call From Istanbul Lieblingslied 73
MastodonMarch of the Fire Ants Lieblingslied 72
MelvinsHoney Bucket Lieblingslied 71
The Human AbstractSelf Portraits Of The Instincts Lieblingslied 71
Kayo DotA Pitcher of Summer Lieblingslied 70
DeftonesHole in the Earth Lieblingslied 70
The Fall of TroySledgehammer Lieblingslied 69
The Dillinger Escape PlanMouth of Ghosts Lieblingslied 69
MastodonWhere Strides the Behemoth Lieblingslied 66
Kayo DotAura on an Asylum Wall Lieblingslied 66
Between the Buried and MeSun of Nothing Lieblingslied 66
Margot & the Nuclear So and So'sO' What A Nightmare! Lieblingslied 66
PixiesCrackity Jones Lieblingslied 65
Polkadot CadaverWhat's the Worst Thing That Could Happen? Lieblingslied 65
MelvinsHooch Lieblingslied 64
MastodonCapillarian Crest Lieblingslied 63
MelvinsGoing Blind Lieblingslied 62
Between the Buried and MeSelkies (the Endless Obsession) Lieblingslied 62
OpethGodhead's Lament Lieblingslied 61
RX BanditsA Mouth Full of Hollow Threats Lieblingslied 61
Between the Buried and MeObfuscation Lieblingslied 61
The Human AbstractVela, Together We Await The Storm Lieblingslied 60
OpethSerenity Painted Death Lieblingslied 58
NirvanaLounge Act Lieblingslied 57
Led ZeppelinI Can't Quit You Baby (Sound Check Version) Lieblingslied 57