Folk Punk


3. Feb. 2010, 23:02

Jeah, the last genre that I started getting into is Folk Punk. It really kicks me, I enjoy the way these guys express themselves, namely in a direct, honest and simple way. I think that is what makes me like this kind of music. It is really pure to what music used to be before there were recordings.

Music was a rather social thing, because if no was playing there was no music. Simple as that. People would spend evenings playing and singing songs in their living rooms, using or even sharing one piano, violins and later even guitars or guitar-like instruments (but the history of the guitar is a different thing). I often feel like that this just turned around: In those days the music was where people were and it was something special, something social, today we have to explore new music through the net (which is basicially a really good thing), but then we shout ourselves out by listening it through our IPods. I often want to know what a certain person on the street, in the bus or in the mall listens to in that very moment. But I am often to shy to ask. Another thing is listening to music through your IPod while passing some guy on the street playing live music for everyone. Even if he is not the next Springsteen, one might esteem that. I feel we all are often so surrounded with music that we do not value it enough. Ok, whatever, here are some artists which I think are so pure that they turn this new way of listening to music around,a bit at least. Please have a look at the vids.

Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains This guy really amazes me. He can not sing, he can not play the guitar, but his style of writing lyrics and the way he "sings" is so pure that you might feel familiar with all of his songs, even though you hear them for the first time. I hope his drug probs get better.

New Mexico Song This is one of my favorite songs sung by him... The cam is a bit shitty in the loud parts, please overlook that kindly. He plays in some is a social thing, you can watch other videos of this song where you can not really distract him (and band members) from the crowd. That makes this awesome. And what is the difference in that sing along from that at other concerts? Well, this might happen in a certain place, where the crowd is not that random as in regular concerts.

Wingnut Dishwashers Union Well, Johnny Hobo performs as Wingnut Dishwashers Union now (Pat the bunny). Fuck shit up! (whananana) is another cool track by him. I can not really hear that much difference from Johnny Hobo, but I think at live performances he now has some kind of band backing him up. Just linking a video..he is performing near a cemetary

and there in some kind of corridor/living room or what

Ok, I will this text is going to be long, so I speed it up a bit:

Andrew Jackson Jihad-People II: The Reckoning This song is awesome. AJJ are a trio, a singer/guitar, contrabass and a mandolin. It is quite musicially (not as the aritists posted before), lyricially its maybe a more artsy. Please check those vids performing at a parking lot. It sounds 1:1 like the studio version..which is a compliment. another awesome live performance. I would love to see those guys live.

Just check the related artists if this kicks you as well. I am doing this myself atm.


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