• Zulu Winter @ The Sage Gateshead 11.11.11

    13. Nov. 2011, 13:28

    Fri 11 Nov – Givers, Zulu Winter

    I and my friends Robert and Paul ventured over to the Sage on Friday to watch Givers and Zulu Winter. I first heard of Zulu Winter on Facebook via a page I was linked to and instantly liked their sound, bored at work one day I stumbled on their blog and found their tour dates which included 11.11.11 Sage Gateshead. Texts went out and tickets got purchased and before I knew it, I was stood with my two best friends watching the amazing (this is now confirmed as they are as good live as recorded) Zulu Winter. The singers voice is awesome and the band remind me of a little of The Rakes. Let’s Move Back to Front is my favorite track and it sounded sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

    Givers were totally awesome I especially like the singers voice and on stage presence, he moved like a wriggly worm and I thought the band were full of good energy. I never really understand why bands who are clearly better than the majority of commercial main stream pop or the so called x-factor want to be celebs get the attention? Any way if you want to check out some awesome fresh new music check Zulu Winter and Giver's out !!!!!!!!!