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Jesca HoopThe Kingdom Lieblingslied 20. Aug., 15:25
Jesca HoopPeacemaker Lieblingslied 20. Aug., 15:07
JentinaBad Ass Strippa 20. Aug., 13:23
Jennie PearlMaybe in Another Year 19. Aug., 16:58
Jeffree StarEyelash Curlers and Butcher Knives 19. Aug., 16:38
Jeffree StarIce Cream 19. Aug., 16:33
Jeff BuckleyUlalume 19. Aug., 16:10
Jeff BuckleyNew Year's Prayer 19. Aug., 15:57
JC ChasezAll Day Long I Dream About Sex 19. Aug., 14:23
JC Chasez100 Ways 19. Aug., 14:20
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I keep forgetting this exists, so it is a genuinely unedited record of my almost impossibly broad and occasionally TERRIBLE taste in music. Knock yourselves out :)

Tracks not showing up as 'loved' is much more an indication of the fact that I listen to a billion songs a day and can't be bothered to click through hearting all of them than of me not liking them in the first place :x But my playlists are pretty great! You should look at those :x

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