May CD Buys


1. Jun. 2011, 1:58

A decent haul this month, and by chance there was a theme! I added albums by every guitarist from Genesis to my collection this time around. Plus a couple others.

>> Foo Fighters: Wasting Light

Recorded to analog tape in Dave Grohl's garage, it's a vintage approach to a modern rock record. The results are pretty good, too.

>> Steve Hackett: Live Rails
A fantastic live set from the Out of the Tunnel's Mouth tour, featuring most of that album performed live, along with Hackett and Genesis classics.

>> Mike & The Mechanics: The Road
Mike Rutherford thought that the Mechanics had run their course after 2005's Rewired. Instead, the Genesis splinter group has risen from the ashes with a brand new lineup. It's a new collection of accessible songs, the type of which brought the Mechanics modest success in the 1980s, yet still sounding fresh.

>> Anthony Phillips: Missing Links Volume I: Finger Painting
>> Anthony Phillips: Missing Links Volume II: The Sky Road
>> Anthony Phillips & Joji Hirota: Missing Links Volume III: Time and Tide

A box set of the first three collections of Ant's TV and library work. Not albums in the true sense, but still some good material here.

>> Steely Dan: Gaucho

Only two more studio albums until my Steely Dan collection is complete! This is their "final" album from 1980 before Becker and Fagen patched things up and returned two decades later with Two Against Nature (after their stage reunion in 1993).

...and my usual collection of new material from Ektoplazm, of course.


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