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2. Jul. 2008, 16:04

Well, I finally narrowed my choices down to the requisite nine (and here they are).

I considered trying a "no more than one from each year," but it got very hard to choose between some that I had tossed into my "bucket" that happened to be from the same year. So I gave that up as a bad idea (after, of course, having narrowed a couple of the years down to just one).

There were so many more songs I wanted to add, showing different musical preferences and such, but I can always save those for other competitions, right? I mean, there's a lot more punk and early new wave I'd like to have. And there's no Bruce Springsteen, no Jethro Tull, no Yes, no Chicago, no Pink Floyd, no Joe Jackson, no Genesis for cryin' out loud.

But on to it (in year order):

Life On Mars: I cheat, just a little. The studio version's on Hunky Dory, which I have been feeling is my favorite David Bowie album. But this live version really is from 1972.

From The Beginning: A relatively short track from ELP, but one of my favorites.

New York's Not My Home: Grew up listening to Jim Croce on AM radio when I lived in NYC (yes, New York was my home). I like his sad stuff better than his bluesier work. Great fingerstyle guitar.

Foreplay/Long Time: A massive organ solo on a pop song. A friend of mine attended a wedding where the organist played that instead of Wagner as the recessional. Mother of the bride asked what the title was; tactfully, he explained it was the prelude to "Long Time."

Watching the Detectives: Another live track (and I've got no live Warren Zevon for you today). Outstanding, creepy lyrics, with a great hook.

Lost in the Supermarket: This, along with Wrong 'Em Boyo, are my favorite tracks off London Calling.

Gone Hollywood: I won Breakfast In America as a prize for magazine sales in junior high. Everybody knows The Logical Song and the title track, but I liked the deeper tracks more. I almost chose Asylum (I really wanted to represent Supertramp), but this one hit that junior high nerve in a way that screams "Seventies!" unlike the earlier albums (which I discovered later, of course).

Close to the Borderline: You can't have a '70s list without at least mentally including Billy Joel, even if you discount him as too "pop" or whatever. This deep track off Glass Houses, much better known for the inane It's Still Rock and Roll to Me, shows BJ's edgier side.

Seven Bridges Road: I think I mentioned in one chat that this was the track that made me realize that The Eagles were really country, and that that was okay with me. Great harmonies.

So in the end, I tossed out more songs than we'll have in the whole competition, but I'm pretty havppy with these.
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  • rtreynor

    blackout heatwave .44 caliber homicide --- great choice from Glass Houses (i'd have gone with "All For Leyna" personally, but this track's awesome as well). I see it going up against Summer, Highland Falls and me breaking down in tears.

    4. Jul. 2008, 4:37
  • DudeTheMath

    All For Leyna was the first from GH that I learned to play on piano. I have been scouring used bookstores, eBay, you name it, to get a copy of the book of sheet music (I have vol. 1 up through 52nd street, and then the individual books for Nylon Curtain, Innocent Man, and Bridge, so I don't want to shell out for vol. 2). I also love I Don't Want To Be Alone Anymore and Sleeping With The Television On and, oh, just about all the ones that weren't huge hits. But Summer, Highland Falls will beat this one handily, for me.

    5. Jul. 2008, 3:35
  • rtreynor

    Crap. The yousendit link expired. If you'd be so kind to re-up your 9, we lazyheads and sleepybones can hear your tracks.

    10. Jul. 2008, 11:24
  • DudeTheMath

    I knew there was a reason I didn't delete the ZIP! Here it is again.

    10. Jul. 2008, 17:42
  • JoeIsListening

    I wrestled with Billy Joel, too (the first concert attended by The Girl Who Would Become Mrs. Faust and I attended was the 52nd Street tour - can you say Zanzibar?). Great Clash track, good job going deep with Supertramp, and if there had to be a Boston song in the mix, that's the one I'd pick. Nice job, Dude!

    18. Jul. 2008, 13:04
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