5 star albums 80s absolutely wonderful awesome bass jam best days of our lives best riffs ever written better than any crazy rappers like snoop dogg or 50 cent better than any crazy rappers like snopp dog or 50 cent better than the original california california reggae chill christian christian pop punk christian rock cover currently addicted to dance dancehall danish dave and jon box it out does it make you suffer cuz you have to die electronic emo energy extreme duudsonit fantasy metal favorite bad religion songs finnish rock for once i can touch what my heart used to dream of fucking awesome give all the idiots a brand new religion glad to hear that bad religion still rocks guaranteed to make me feel better happy hard rock hardcore punk hip-hop i like to listen to this loud even when i have a headache indie indie rock jamming in the name of love love love at first listen makes me happy makes me wanna dance makin me breathless male lead singers with sexy voices masterpiece melodic hardcore melodic punk metal most beautiful song in this world needs more cowbell nostalgia nostalgic not so bad religion but still awesome perfect drums political political punk pop punk post-punk laptop rap power pop progressive metal progressive rock psychedelic punk rock puts me in a good mood rap real hip-hop reggae reminds me of best days seen live ska punk skate punk sometimes i feel like a 12 year old teenie bopper songs i would like to perform if i was a musician songs that make me a better person songs that make me sing along loudly and often poorly songs to get lost in sounds like perfection special tag: inspiration still awesome playing live straight edge summer summer songs synth rock synthpop that fucking riff the best pop punk album ever the real simple plan the ultimate summer tag this cover is 300 times better than the original this song really explains me turntablism underground hip-hop underground rap underrated tracks upbeat want to see live