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Drift of SignifiedsNuclear Two redubbed Lieblingslied 17. Nov. 2012
K-X-PCymbalim 19. Sep. 2011
K-X-PSuhu Moments 19. Sep. 2011
K-X-PEasy (Infinity Waits) 19. Sep. 2011
FM Einheit + IrmlerHalbwert-Zerfall 16. Sep. 2011
FM Einheit + IrmlerDer Plan 16. Sep. 2011
FM Einheit + IrmlerTube Test 16. Sep. 2011
FM Einheit + IrmlerSchleifeis 16. Sep. 2011
FM Einheit + IrmlerChord 16. Sep. 2011
FM Einheit + IrmlerSimple Song 16. Sep. 2011
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Über mich

THE DRONES CLUB has been home to harmonic drones and jollity of all stripes for five years, inviting artists, performers and audience to participate in a world apart from mundanity. We prefer to think cosmically, and act musically. Or is it the other way around?

“We’re pretty broad minded here, and if you stop short of smashing the piano, there isn’t much you can do at the Drones that will cause the raised eyebrow and the sharp intake of breath“. PG Wodehouse, “Young Men In Spats”

Not all the music played at The Drones Club is necessarily droney (though it might well be). Sometimes it is danceable, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes melodic, often harmonic. No-one has yet smashed a piano, at least not literally, but it might happen one day. Thankfully the music and crowd at The Drones Club is rarely dull, and more often than not quite entertaining – as is only to be expected when the event is subtitled “an evening of jollity, romance and harmonic drones”.

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