The little mermaid


30. Mai. 2006, 6:00

Something is wrotten in the state of Denmark, and after last night that would probably be me ;-)

I'm here for a two-day company-changing for-ever meeting. A lot of good stuff happened, a lot of good ideas. Now we have to put the ideas into action.
Anyway...I have seen f#kall of Copenhagen, I did no see the little mermaid (and come to think of it....why would I?), I saw Tivoli from the cab and saw some ancient pubs with nice toilets that used to be dungeons.
I'm a poor tourist I guess ;-)

Gargoyles Over Copenhagen


  • realpaladin

    Gargoyles are good things to have.

    30. Mai. 2006, 10:33
  • Dresv

    So far I haven't seen a single one :(

    30. Mai. 2006, 12:47
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