• Orgasm Death Gimmick - Complete information

    26. Nov. 2007, 13:35

    Woah! I seem to have put Orgasm Death Gimmick on the map in here.. XD.

    Orgasm Death Gimmick? What the heck are you talking about?
    A band, obviously. A dead and gone one, even.

    Aha. So why are you making a journal about a dead band?
    Since I wrote the artistbio, started to listen more to it, and put a link to it from Richard Kruspe's biopage, I got more and more questions for lyrics, music and everything more.
    I'm sorry to say that there's barely anything to find about Orgasm Death Gimmick on the internet. I'm afraid I've already found éverything there is.
    So I decided to make a journal with all the info I could find about this old German band.

    That's clear. So tell me, what is all the fuzz about?
    As you might know, the man behind all this is Richard Kruspe. He is the same guy as the one playing the lead-guitar in Rammstein. And he also is the leading man behind Emigrate. He's quite a bit popular, - I might be mistaken to say - especially with the ladies. - Don't burn me! -
    So when people found out that Richard had formed a band before Rammstein, and discovered the fact that people were, still, listening to music made by that band.. well, they got questions. And asked them to me, since I'm the one who made the ODG-bio.

    Sounds logical. Well, go ahead!
    At the time he founded ODG, in May 1991, Richard was called Sven Kruspe. - Yeah, Sven, not Zven. By now he seems to have changed it to Zven, but by then it surely was Sven. - He was trying to make a band in Berlin, which resulted in the band Orgasm Death Gimmick.

    Who were the bandmembers?
    Orgasm Death Gimmick had the following groupmembers:
    * Sven Kruspe - Guitar
    * Sascha Moser - Drums
    * Martin Rauer - Bass
    * Dietmar Schmidt - Vocals, Trumpets

    Did they record anything?
    They were merely a live-band. But uhm, didn't I just mention the fact that I'm sometimes still listening to their songs? For sure they recorded songs. All of them still available - but it may take more then an hour to download them. -
    They recorded three nameless tapes. First one: recorded in august 1991. Second one: recorded in juny 1992. Third one: recorded for the biggest part in february 1993, but three of the songs also appeared at the second tape, and were the same records.
    For the covers of the tapes, take a look at half German half English wikipediasite.

    Nice! So they were from Berlin? Wasn't there something with the Berlin Wall and the DDR..?
    Yup. But that was just a bít - a year - before the release of the first tape. Take a look at this article or this Wikipedia-page to learn more of that.

    Were there any media that published something about ODG?
    Yup again! Messchitz published an article about ODG, in 1992.
    Sadly, there seems to be no other article about ODG available.

    So that's all there is?
    Yup, I think so. There are no lyrics online, nowhere. I've tried to listen to the songs and write down what I've heard, but sadly: Dietmar doesn't really pronounce very well.

    Hey wait.. if you tried, can you show me what you got?
    It's really bad, it's nearly nothing. You really want to see it? Well, okay. First, I need to explain a little, to make clear why I used the lay-out I did.

    The things I was still busy with - trying to find out what he was singing - are shown in dots. Things I'm not sure of, are between ()-thingies.
    With things that could be a pronounciation mistake, I add the word I think that could be the right one like this:(/*right word*). For example, every time Dietmar sings 'women', it sounds like that. But that doesn't mean he's singing 'women'. He could also mean 'woman' instead. So the first time when I hear that word and am not sure of what he means, I'll write the word I think that could be meant there. But all the following times the same word appears, I don't write the (/*right word) again.

    So... off you go - and if you have any improvements, other lyrics, or whatever: contact me! -

    Crazy Woman on Wild Coloured Ships
    crazy women(/woman?) on wild coloured ships
    wave me to goodbye
    none farewell on sudden pain
    your daddy knows exactly why

    crazy women on wild coloured ships
    drive me to suïcide
    now I look back, I wanna leave
    I wanna leave from hell

    and I jam the conquest
    of having done any wrong
    and I jam the conquest
    of having done any wrong

    crazy women on wild coloured ships
    wave me to goodbye
    crazy women on wild coloured ships
    wave me to goodbye
    crazy women on wild coloured ships
    wave me to goodbye
    crazy women on wild coloured ships
    wave me to goodbye

    I'm but trying
    to understand what you really mean
    and I saw you freaky feeling
    like a freaky movie on the screen

    no way to hear your dad ...
    for ... the last time
    no way to ....
    for.... the last time

    and I jam the conquest
    of having done any wrong
    and I jam the conquest
    of having done any wrong

    crazy women on wild coloured ships
    wave me to goodbye
    crazy women on wild coloured ships
    wave me to goodbye

    crazy women on wild coloured ships
    wave me to goodbye
    crazy women on wild coloured ships
    wave me to goodbye

    crazy women on wild coloured ships
    wave me to goodbye
    none farewell on sudden pain
    your daddy knows exactly why

    crazy women on wild coloured ships
    drive me to suïcide
    now I look back, I wanna leave
    I wanna leave from hell

    and I jam the conquest
    of having done any wrong
    and I jam the conquest
    of having done any wrong

    oh I fought to (not?) get mad
    with a nightmare in my mind
    crazy women on wild coloured ships
    wave me to goodbye
    crazy women on wild coloured ships
    wave me to goodbye
    crazy women on wild coloured ships
    wave me to goodbye
    crazy women on wild coloured ships
    wave me to goodbye

    Real Night
    here's my body
    and here's my brain
    take it, you can get
    and forget my name

    a night as another
    as the night before
    ... the time has limits
    .... time ....

    real night, real night
    ... good to satisfied
    real night, real night
    good to satisfie

    touch my body
    and kiss my mind
    I'm (sorry/solid?) for the night

    when the night's calling you
    ...... you
    .......for long delight
    ...... (-ight)

    when the night's calling you
    ...... you
    .......for long delight
    ...... -ight

    ... ****

    Go at Last
    it is okay
    now let it be
    I've got a message
    with sad voice
    turn your back and go away
    don't look back
    don't look back to me

    now I wanna say
    please stay here
    you won't be disappointed
    about me and my face
    (so I?) (can't?) look straight
    out my eyes
    (which attaches?) you
    and load(s) off in your pain

    your pain
    your pain

    oh I knew exactly
    I wanted so
    believe is that you want
    be sorry for it
    not today,
    not tomorrow,
    maybe later
    but tell me will I
    .. this and
    (youth shall?) see (it?)
    tell me now
    why do you do that
    (burn?) you and destroy
    (me a?) suffer (us?) together
    join us in distraction
    and pain and death

    in pain
    in death
    in pain

    to us get (from?) the (corruption?)
    rough I'll be
    to get what in (a life/alive)
    not succeeded
    yes, I feel the pain
    inside you
    and you know too,
    you're not the only one

    his (mash?) (here is messed/here smashed/here messed)
    his (mash?)

    please go at last
    please go at last
    please go at last
    please go at last
    please go at last
    please go at last
    please go at last
    please go at last

    you mean (rightry??) is a crime
    I don't wanna live slaved
    at the (battles/banners?) slaved to die
    I don't wanna be a slave
    to release the race (whence??) lied

    (yeah love?)

    and some ...........
    then you've got (it gotta?) (li-..?) the future

    no, (I'm?) no I don't believe
    I'm singing the ....
    the poor man is a .....
    as a crime....


    done as anybody start a crime
    and .....?

    ....... (money?)
    ....... prisoners
    ...... slowly died
    ....... just right

    just right

    you're ruining us like ....
    see .....
    and .....


    (done?) as anybody start a crime
    and ....
    that (just?) ain't (bad?)



    (see?) a (banker?)... dirty money
    .... (prisoners?) way to ....
    ... am I slowly dying
    and (for sake?) just (like?)

    just (like?)

    fuck you.....
    you're ruining us like .....
    see ....
    you go ......


    done as anybody ........ a crime
    thank for the (law?)

    Boom Box
    hey man,
    why even go
    and take your boom box to church
    say me
    oh wat?

    hey man
    why even go
    to take your boom box to church
    say me
    hey what?

    hey man,
    why even go
    to take your boom box to church
    say me

    say (you?) man
    hey man
    why even go
    to take your boom box to church

    hey man,
    hey man,
    why even go
    to take your boom box to church
    say me why
    oh what?

    say man (hey man)
    man, we say
    why even go
    to take your boom box to church

    hey man (man)
    why even go
    to take your boom box to church
    say me what

    hey man
    why even go
    to take your boom box to church
    say what


    .......... inside

    ......... to (shy?)
  • Stephen Emmer

    18. Sep. 2007, 12:15

    During a broadcast of Radio 2, they played a song of Stephen Emmer. Finally, I found some music that I've been searching for.
    Poetry and voices set to music. Haven't heard something like this before, but maybe Spinvis comes closest to it.
    The music comes from the cd Recitement, and provides songs in seven different languages, according to the Radio interview.
    Such a shame: it's not released till october 2007. Takes too long, to me.

    From the site of Recitement:
    Recitement: Are you ready to listen? This music wants to talk. It's a cd where classic and modern spoken word is performed by famous writers (Allen Ginsberg), singers (Lou Reed) and actors (Richard Burton), but then reinterpreted in a fresh way to compose new and orginal music to each vocal performance. A kind of Rap 2.0 but then created the other way around: first the text, then the music. You could also call it Spoken Word Goes Pop where poetry becomes a filmsoundtrack, classic prose rap&rock and travelstories become jazz or chamberpop.

    The following people sing/speak parts of the songs:
    Kazu Makino, Lou Reed, Richard Burton, Andrea Piovan Ken Nordine, SILVIA KRISTEL, Michael Parkinson, Jorge Luis Borges, Samuel Beckett, Kurt Schwitters, Silvina Ocampo, Hugo Claus, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Michael Lonsdale, Allen Ginsberg, Sasha de Boer, Remco Campert

    Stephen is also the man who made the tunes for the Dutch NOS Journaal and more...
    Take a look at the site of the upcoming album, Recitement (with samples of the cd), his myspace Stephen Roger Emmer and perhaps, if you're interested in tunes: Estation.

    Oh wait! It makes me think of the Moody Blues!
  • Copies of music and the Dutch Law

    12. Sep. 2007, 16:07

    Sorry, I'm not gonna translate this.. unless somebody réálly wants me to do so..

    Overgenomen van De thuiskopie in het Nederlands auteursrecht:

    De thuiskopie in het Nederlands auteursrecht
    Een kopie voor strikt eigen gebruik (een "thuiskopie") mag altijd worden gemaakt, ook als het werk van een illegale bron afkomstig is.

    Op grond van artikel 16b Auteurswet 1912 mag men enkele exemplaren van een werk maken voor eigen oefening, studie of gebruik. Dit heet een thuiskopie. Een dergelijke kopie mag niet aan derden ter beschikking worden gesteld. Het is niet vereist dat je het origineel zelf gekocht hebt om een thuiskopie van een werk te mogen maken.

    Voor een thuiskopie op een drager, zoals een beschrijfbare CD of DVD, van een muziekwerk is een vergoeding verschuldigd. Deze moet de fabrikant van de (lege) drager betalen.

    De wettelijke basis voor de thuiskopie
    De basis voor de thuiskopie is te vinden in artikel 16b van de Auteurswet 1912. Lid 1 van dit artikel bepaalt:

    Als inbreuk op het auteursrecht op een werk van letterkunde, wetenschap of kunst wordt niet beschouwd, (...) de verveelvoudiging, welke beperkt blijft tot enkele exemplaren en uitsluitend dient tot eigen oefening, studie of gebruik van degene die de verveelvoudiging vervaardigt of tot het verveelvoudigen uitsluitend ten behoeve van zichzelf opdracht geeft.

    De belangrijkste elementen van dit artikel zijn:

    1. Er mogen slechts enkele exemplaren worden gemaakt als thuiskopie.
    2. De kopie moet voor eigen oefening, studie of gebruik bestemd zijn.
    3. De kopie mag in opdracht gemaakt worden, behalve bij muziek.
    4. Je hoeft geen rechtmatige eigenaar te zijn om een thuiskopie te mogen maken.
    5. Er zijn een aantal uitzonderingen, niet van alle categorieën werken mag een thuiskopie worden gemaakt.

    Enkele exemplaren
    De wet is niet duidelijk hoe veel exemplaren van een werk mogen worden gemaakt als thuiskopie. In de literatuur hanteert men een richtlijn van 2 [[agrave; 3 kopieën. Het hangt natuurlijk een beetje af van het soort werk en de situatie waarin de kopie wordt gemaakt. Bij een muziekwerk op CD zit je al gauw aan de vier tot vijf kopieën: de "geripte" opname van de CD, de hiervan gemaakte MP3, de kopie in de draagbare MP3-speler, de kopie van de CD voor in de auto en misschien nog wel een kopietje voor op het werk. Dit valt nog te verdedigen, maar bij vijf kopieën van een foto wordt dat al een stuk lastiger.

    Eigen oefening, studie of gebruik
    Zoals de naam al aangeeft, moet het gaan om een kopie voor thuis. In de terminologie van de wet moet er sprake zijn van een exemplaar voor "eigen oefening, studie of gebruik". Dit is een zeer brede formulering. Er zijn maar weinig handelingen te bedenken die je zou kunnen verrichten met een werk die hier niet onder vallen. Essentieel is wel dat het een eigen exemplaar blijft. De kopie mag dus niet aan derden ter beschikking worden gesteld. Het is dan immers geen eigen gebruik meer.

    Opdracht geven tot verveelvoudiging
    Iemand die een thuiskopie wil hebben van een werk, moet die zelf maken. Hij kan ook een ander opdracht geven om voor hem een thuiskopie te maken, maar die kopie moet dan wel uitsluitend voor de opdrachtgever bestemd zijn. De maker van de kopieën mag dus niet bijvoorbeeld voor het gemak 100 exemplaren maken als hij verwacht dat 100 mensen hem om een thuiskopie gaan vragen.

    Een thuiskopie van een geluids- of video-opname mag niet in opdracht worden gemaakt (artikel 16b lid 4). Je mag dus bijvoorbeeld niet een CD voor een vriend kopiëren en claimen dat dat een thuiskopie in opdracht is. Wel mag je hem die CD uitlenen. Hij mag dan zelf daar een kopie voor eigen oefening, studie of gebruik van maken, en daarna het origineel teruggeven.

    Door rechtmatige verkrijger of niet?
    De wet zegt niet dat een thuiskopie alleen mag worden gemaakt door de rechtmatige verkrijger van het origineel. Dit lijkt ook nooit de bedoeling te zijn geweest van dit artikel. Het stamt uit de tijd waarin men met carbonpapier een artikel kon overtikken. De kwaliteit van mechanische reproducties in die tijd (stencilmachines, audio cassetterecorders) was dusdanig laag dat een kopie thuis geen probleem kon vormen. Die kopie kon immers nooit de markt voor het (hoge kwaliteit) origineel aantasten. Bovendien is het vrijwel onmogelijk om na te gaan wie er een kopie thuis maakt en of deze wel in het bezit was van het origineel toen de kopie werd gemaakt.

    Artikel 45k, dat handelt over de reservekopie voor computerprogramma's, stelt wel expliciet dat alleen de rechtmatige verkrijger van een programma er een reservekopie van kan maken. Kennelijk wilde de wetgever hier dus restrictiever zijn dan bij de thuiskopie (die overigens niet is toegestaan voor computerprogramma's).

    Het is dus toegestaan om een kopie voor eigen oefening, studie of gebruik te maken van een werk waarvoor niet is betaald door de kopieerder. Je mag dus voor jezelf een gehuurde of geleende CD kopiëren, of voor jezelf muziek in MP3-formaat van Internet downloaden. Deze kopie mag echter niet aan derden ter beschikking worden gesteld.

    In het vonnis in eerste instantie in de zaak TechnoDesign versus BREIN oordeelde de rechter:

    Anderzijds heeft de wetgever blijkens zowel de huidige Auteurswet en de Wet op de naburige rechten als de reeds genoemde Richtlijn en het daaruit voortvloeiende Wetsontwerp bepaald dat op zichzelf het kopiëren (in dit geval door middel van downloaden) van een inbreuk-makend/illegaal mp3-bestand voor eigen gebruik, geen strijd met de Auteurswet of de wet op de naburige rechten oplevert.

    In het hoger beroep werd hier niet verder op ingegaan: "Of deze ontvanger recht heeft op een zogenoemde 'thuiskopie' kan daarom in dit verband verder onbesproken blijven."

    En al in 2000 schreef auteursrechtexpert en hoogleraar Bernd Hugenholtz:

    Downloaden is reproduceren, daarover zijn de auteursrechtgeleerden het wel eens. Is hier sprake van kopiëren voor eigen gebruik? Vermoedelijk wél; als het kopiëren van gehuurde of geleende CD’s is toegestaan, moet het downloaden van Napster-bestanden ook kunnen.

    Uitzonderingen: van welke werken mag geen thuiskopie worden gemaakt
    Er zijn een aantal categorieën werken waarvan geen thuiskopie mag worden gemaakt. Ook zijn aan sommige categorieën beperkingen gesteld. Van de volgende categorieën mag geen thuiskopie worden gemaakt:

    1. Elektronische databanken (zie artikel 10 lid 3) - van papieren databanken mag dus wel een thuiskopie worden gemaakt;
    2. Bouwwerken (zie artikel 16b lid 7);
    3. Computerprogramma's (zie artikel 45n) - op grond van artikel 45k mag de rechtmatige verkrijger wel een reservekopie maken van het programma.

    Een thuiskopie van geschriften (boeken, brochures, nieuwsbladen, tijdschriften en dergelijke) is toegestaan. Echter, deze moet normaliter beperkt blijven tot een klein gedeelte van het werk. Dit geldt weer niet voor in een dag-, nieuws- of weekblad of tijdschrift verschenen korte artikelen, berichten of andere stukken. Hiervan mag je gewoon een thuiskopie maken. Ook als het geschrift niet meer in druk is, en herdrukken zijn niet te verwachten, dan mag het hele werk worden gekopieerd als thuiskopie. Deze thuiskopie mag dan echter niet aan derden ter beschikking worden gesteld.

    Als het gaat om een grafisch werk (zoals teken-, schilder-, en beeldhouwwerken, lithografieën, graveer- en andere plaatwerken, maar geen fotografische werken), dan moet de verveelvoudiging een duidelijk verschil vertonen met het oorspronkelijke werk. Dit verschil moet hem zitten in de grootte of in de werkwijze waarmee de kopie is gemaakt.

    Thuiskopie van muziek op dragers
    Het is toegestaan om een thuiskopie te maken van een muziekwerk, bijvoorbeeld van CD naar MP3 op een harde schijf. Echter, als deze thuiskopie wordt gemaakt met behulp van een drager zoals een cassettebandje, een beschrijfbare compact disc, een DVD of een videoband, dan is een vergoeding verschuldigd. Dit wordt bepaald in artikel 16c. Omdat het echter nogal onpraktisch zou zijn om bij alle thuiskopieerders deze vergoeding te incasseren, zijn in plaats daarvan de fabrikanten van deze dragers verplicht te betalen.

    Hoe wordt de vergoeding vastgesteld en betaald
    De fabrikant betaalt een vast bedrag per drager die hij in Nederland op de markt brengt. De hoogte van dit bedrag wordt jaarlijks opnieuw vastgesteld in overleg met de Stichting Onderhandelingen Thuiskopievergoeding. De bedragen worden geïncasseerd door de Stichting de Thuiskopie. Deze verdeelt de ontvangen bedragen vervolgens onder de componisten, scenarioschrijvers, fotografen, muzikanten en andere artiesten.

    Voor welke dragers de vergoeding verschuldigd is, wordt van jaar tot jaar bepaald. Als de kans dat er muziek op opgenomen wordt zeer klein is (denk aan bandjes voor een dictafoon), is er geen vergoeding verschuldigd. Ook bij bepaalde nieuwe opslagmedia, bijvoorbeeld flash-geheugens van draagbare MP3-spelers, is geen vergoeding verschuldigd. Dit kan in de toekomst veranderen, zoals dat bijvoorbeeld ook met de data CD is gebeurd.

    Voor welke dragers is een vergoeding verschuldigd
    Per 1 februari 2005 tot en met 31 januari 2006 gelden de volgende tarieven:

    1. Blanco analoge videoband: EUR 0,33 per uur
    2. Blanco analoge audioband (cassetteband): EUR 0,23 per uur
    3. Blanco digitale MiniDisc: EUR 0,32 per uur
    4. Blanco digitale audio CD-R/RW: EUR 0,42 per uur
    5. Blanco digitale data CD-R/RW: EUR 0,14 per disc
    6. Blanco DVD-R/RW: EUR 0,60 per 4,7 gigabyte
    7. Blanco DVD+R/RW: EUR 0,40 per 4,7 gigabyte
    8. Blanco DVD-RAM: is vrijgesteld

    Het is niet mogelijk om een vrijstelling te krijgen voor bijvoorbeeld data CD-R/RW's op grond van het feit dat de gebruiker er geen muziek op zal bewaren. Voor professioneel gebruik zijn wel vrijstellingen te krijgen. Een drager die alleen voor professioneel gebruik toegepast wordt, valt niet onder de regeling. De professionele gebruiker moet in dat geval een vrijstelling vragen en een afkoopsom betalen aan de Stichting de Thuiskopie.

    Copyright © 2002-2007 Arnoud Engelfriet - Some rights reserved.

    Ha. Dat geeft duidelijkheid :)
  • Article about music and christian life.

    10. Sep. 2007, 13:48

    Sometime ago I stumbled across an article about music and christian life. I like to read those things, because both subjects got my interest quite much. Sadly, most of the articles are rubbish. I have never seen an article that does have a good argumentation, or that provides real facts about music. Most (christian) authors just write things what others before them have already done, and most of the 'facts' are nonsense, untrue or even too stupid to consider as being seriously meant.
    So when I came across this article, I thought it was (just a bit) a breath of fresh air. Though I don't agree to the last part of it, in which even Robbie Williams gets written away as 'not wise to listen to'. And Marilyn Manson too is, my opinion, not as bad as the author tells... (I still don't like Marilyn, but that's more because of what I heard and have seen. Don't like scary things much..)
    And I really dislike Michael W. Smith Nice, how he succeeds in making people happy, but to me it's just too happy and sweet...
    Even then, I thought it was nice to let this article be read by more people...
    Well, the article. Written by (pastor) B.J. van der Graaf. (Poor) English translation from the original article "Zorgeloos genieten van muziek" by me. Taken over with permission from the Dutch "IDentity Magazine"
    I added links where the author refers to songs, bands or artists.

    Please don't attack me about the opinion of the author!

    Offhanded enjoying music

    It is quite obvious that music has a big part in the lives of people, and especially in the lives of young people. It’s really unbelievable how many youngsters use an mp3-player while cycling or travelling by train. There are even some of them only able to fall asleep while listening to music. Oké, there are also youngsters who don’t like music that much. They love The sound of silence, (Sound Of Silence) but those are a minority.

    In every case, it is clear that music is so important to much youngsters that they (should) wonder what all those sounds in fact are meaning in their lives. I have seen that young people talk willingly and sometimes even passionate about music. In my opinion, music is also very important for yóú, and it would be nice when this article would provide a little more of this subject to think and talk about. I want to challenge you to think with me about the different functions music can have in your life. There are at least four of them, and they frequently have something to do with the other three functions. Here they are.

    Music is simply nice
    While thinking about those functions, I considered music is first and mainly just nice. Music is made by God, as a gift for his creation. The meaning he had with it was apparently that we should play with it. And to play simply is nice to do. It is not usefull, it’s got no higher purpose, but it’s simply lovely to do. Everyone who is into music will say the same: playing is nice. Purely casual enjoying. One example I like are the old man of Buena Vista Social Club. Those people are all very skilled musicians who make music in a very catchy way. Just because it is lovely to do (or that is at least what they look like while playing). I can also really enjoy good guitarists who use the complete neck of the guitar in a solo. I once saw Eric Clapton during the farewell concert playing a duet with the guitarist of The Band. That is pure enjoying. Happily, music like that still exists. Music one can enjoy offhanded. Sometimes you have got to search for it, but when you’ve found it, you surely got something that’s good. I would advise to make a stock of that kind of music. Especially for a christian it is important to have music about which you don’t need to doubt. Music that’s simply nice. Search for it!

    Music is a way to express
    A second function of music is the function of letting out emotions. One can express himself, for example by improvising (with an instrument or singing nonsense-songs while taking a shower) or by humming (or screaming) your favourite song. That function of music is also made by God, and it’s a great gift to us. With music, one can express feelings for which there are no words left. The Psalms are obviously a nice example. All possible human emotions are recoverable in them: keen happiness, deep disappointment, whole-hearted anger, warm love, hopeless isolation, etcetera, etcetera. Music makes it possible to express what’s living inside, and that is important.

    But there are two sides of this. In our hearts are also things that aren’t that good when they are expressed. Many erotic music videos (I barely know where to look with some clips) wake up the worst in people. When you allow yourself to get dragged away by this music, then things you do express with words or movements won’t likely be things to honour your Maker. Music can surely open up the locks of the sewers. And that is something you should be watching over, because it makes you sin. The other side of that is that music can also untie negative emotions that should be expressed. Swallowed anger or non-expressed sorrow can kill you. When music gives aid in expressing that anger, it surely does some good.
    As you may notice, with this function things are a little more precise. Because of that it is surely important to track what music is doing to the things you say and do. And if the feelings you express actually should be expressed or not. But when you know you do it right, then use music to express. And for that, too, you can make a stock of it. I do actually have cd’s for that: this one when I’m happy, this one when I’m fully angry and that one when I’m filled with love. Congenial!

    Music as a way to let things in
    When music is a way to express, it isn’t that strange to think of it as a way to let things in as well. And that’s what it is. Through music, many things can enter our lives. You’ll understand that this makes things even more precise. That’s mostly like this, because we’ve all noticed how irresistible music can be. One little catchy song can get so far into your mind that you wished somewhere was a delete-button. Music comes into your ears, touches your heart and mind and sets things in motion. What makes it even more exiting is that music can apparently touch deeper then, for example, words. The vibration of music reaches before you know the deepest layers of your life. It might be clear how important it is to train in recognising this. Some music isn’t that good to let in.

    An interesting question is then of course if there are any music styles which are in itself (apart from the lyrics or conviction of the maker) harmful. This is claimed, for example, about or -beat. I don’t believe this is true. Apart from the harmful effects of a quite high volume, I don’t think music styles do have influence in themselves. The influence has more to do with the source from which the music is coming, and the message that is allied to it. That is what it is about in the next point. In this point it is just about being conscious about the influence of music in your heart and life.
    So it seems important to recognise the influence of music in your emotions, and to examine that. That doesn’t mean there is a problem with music that makes you depressed (maybe a song reminds you of something sad). It’s starting to be a problem when you find out that some music makes you negative about God or yourself. Then it’s time to stop letting music in. Be honest about what music does to you, because it has got more influence then you might think.

    Music in service of something else
    Last of all, I want to say something about the fourth function. Music is used – especially in this time – many times to serve a purpose. People who make advertisements know absolutely how good music helps to deliver a message. was a perfect tool to spread the ideals of the young people over the whole world. music is for many youngsters an important way to experience and come across with God. It really makes a difference who uses the music for his or her message. Some music is really made to serve satan with it. How much playfulness there is in the behaviour of Marlilyn Manson, it is a fact that he praises satan in his music. Nobody can do that unpunished! Other music is completely made to praise God with it. Just think about the beautiful worship songs of Michael W. Smith.

    Between those two extremes is a huge collection of musicians with all possible lifestyles, beliefs and missions. It is not quite easy to ‘differentiate spirits’. But it should be done! When you’re christian, it is impossible not to do so. You may notice many times that it’s not doable when you’re alone. Then talk about it with others, help each other and be strong together. Is ‘Love Somebody’, made by Robbie Williams a song that’s listenable? The music is beautiful, the lyrics give words to a very deep human desire, but the lifestyle of Robbie is kinda bad. And that’s the dilemma: when I listen to it as a meaningful song over the desire to real love of a modern human being, I can listen to it. But when I listen to it with the meaning to get dragged away, I take the risk of being dragged away right into Robbie Williams world. See how difficult it is to decide on your own what’s right or not? That’s why we need eachother.

    Music was my first love
    Music was my first love, and it will be my last.’ sang John Miles once in his fenomenal song. (Music) When you can agree that just a bít, then it’s very important to learn about the functions of music. Hopefully this article helped you a bit with that.

    ds. B.J. van der Graaf
  • Emigrate. Finally.

    3. Sep. 2007, 20:35

    01. Emigrate

    02. Wake Up

    03. My World

    04. Let Me Break

    05. In My Tears

    06. Babe

    07. New York City

    08. Resolution

    09. Temptation

    10. This Is What

    11. You Can't Get Enough

    and the additional tracks:

    12: Blood

    13: Help Me

    *sigh* Can't buy it yet.. so I'll have to listen on YouTube.. :(

    19. Aug. 2007, 23:08

    Something I just had to show..: Oxhorn with
  • Couting tracks

    4. Jul. 2007, 12:02

    I became curious about my music, actually. So I decided to do some trackcouting..

    At this very moment I have 1233 tracks in my medialibrary. Alltogether this stands for 5261 minutes of music, which means the tracks in my library take around 4:15 minutes of my time.
    (5261/1233=4,26 min. 0,26 min=15 sec.)
    5261 minutes of music = 87,6833333333333333 etc. hours of music. Means I have 87:41 hour of music at my computer.
    (0,683333(etc.)x60(min.)=40,99999999999 etc. min.)
    It would take 3,653472222222222 etc. times 24 hours to listen to it all.. that would surely be exhausting! So let's double that, 3,6534722222222(etc.)x2=7,3069444444 etc. times 12 hours to have listened to all the tracks. My.. still exhausting.
    Let's believe I listen to 24 tracks a day, see the 'about me' collumn at the left.. (it's actually way more, but Last.fm doesn't count radio or simpel mp3players). That would mean I would need 51,375 days to have listened to every track. (1233/24=51,375)
    Fiftyone days?!

    Hm.. at the moment I listened to 9,482 tracks (about me, tracks played, fourth of july 2007). Let's say I didn't listen to Last.fm radio (untrue, but never mind) 9482/1233=7,6901865369018653690186536901865 etc.
    Hm.. I listened to each track on my computer around 7,7 times.. lol. Not that much...
    Problem is: my musiccollection gets bigger and bigger every week.. or day.. or hour.. so tomorrow, none of the above will be true anymore.
    And thát means, 100% of the above was a useless way of spending my time.

    *edit* Half a day later on, the tracks in my medialibrary are now alltogether 1235. That's 2 tracks in 12 hour minus 2 minutes. (at 12:02 I finished the journal above, at 0:00 I write this.)
    Hm. 12 hourx60 minutes=720 minutes. 720-2=718 minutes. 2 tracks added every 718 minutes.. (Lets say that's normal, which it isn't, but who minds?)
    In 359 minutes 1 track is added (718/2).. every 5,98333333333 hour my medialibrary is growing bigger with one track. Means every 24 hour 4,0111420612813370473537604479171 tracks (24/5,9833333333333 etc.) are added. I like that number!
    Every week then counts for 28,07799442896935331476323119779 tracks added. (24x7/5,9833 etc.) In a years time, (356 daysx24 hours=8760 hours. 8760/5,9833 etc) 1464,0668523676880222841225626742 tracks will be added. Hm. I really need a better computer this way!
    And actually it might even be true. I mean.. I've got this laptop for less then one year now. In that one year, the total amount of tracks has increased from 0 to 1235. And everyday I'm getting more and more obsessed by music. Uhoh. :)
    My obsession uses 9,14 GB (9.816.354.816 bytes). Wow. I found out what makes my computer so slow!
    Last sum. 9.816.354.816 bytes/1235 tracks.

    7948465,4380566801619433198380567. Lots, lots lots lots lots of bytes :). Per track, of course.

    Another thing: why don't I count visitors to this journal.. ghehe.. You are number:

    *edit II: ah well, let's test myself too:

    Mood of CrazyNess
  • ODG and Emigrate

    25. Jun. 2007, 23:42

    Found some new information on Emigrate. The final tracklisting is finished, and at lást it is clear who's doing what in the band...:

    Arnoud Giroux, Bass (Axel Bauer)
    Henka Johannson, Drum
    Olsen Involtini, Guitar (Producer of some bands)
    Sascha Moser, Programming

    Sascha Moser? Wasn't that the guy who.. yup, he was also the drummer in Orgasm Death Gimmick. Funny to see that name again.

    Got the final tracklist too:
    01. Emigrate
    02. Wake Up
    03. My World
    04. Let Me Break
    05. In My Tears
    06. Babe
    07. New York City
    08. Resolution
    09. Temptation
    10. This Is What
    11. You Can't Get Enough

    Strange. Last.fm says they've all been listened to, but only four of them have been released. (Nr 2, 3, 6 and 7) I guess somebody is cheating.

    Ánd there are promopics!

    Most information in this journal coming from:Emigratefan.com
  • Eclectic? me?

    22. Jun. 2007, 12:26

    *I've taken away many of the artist connections, because of a post in the journal of the author of this script. Only the ones I really like keep their connections.*

    Take your top 20 artists. For each of these artists, collect the top 5 similar artists. The resulting number of unique artists is your eclectic score. If the score is small (extreme = 5) your musical preferences are very limited, and if it is large (larger than 80, extreme = 100), then you have an eclectic musical preference. You can compute your own score at http://anthony.liekens.net/pub/scripts/last.fm/eclectic.php

    My eclectic score is currently


    I'm so proud :P. (Total nonsense, by the way) But why don't I like many of the connected artists..?
    They should at least interest me a bit, but many of them don't.. This is the list I got:

    The 92 related artists for my profile are
    Acda en De Munnik, mah.. not really my kind of music
    After Forever, just the same
    Al Stewart, don't know him at instance
    Bette Midler, kinda nice, not super
    Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, don't know her.. or him?
    Britney Spears(2), yuck
    Bryan Adams, oke, nice one
    Calexico, eeehw..?
    Cat Stevens, nice
    Cher, yuck
    Chris de Burgh, sometimes nice
    Cross Movement, dunno..?
    Céline Dion, okey :)
    Davor Popovic, don't know
    De Dijk, nah.. not my style
    Diana Krall (2), mah..
    Dido, fine one
    Eamonn Toal, ewh.. who is this?
    Eisbrecher (2), nice, not super
    Electric Light Orchestra, good one :)
    Elton John, when I'm in the right mood, I like him
    Emigrate, hey, finally :)
    Epica (2), ehwm.. dunno
    Eva Cassidy, mhyeah..
    Feeling B, yuck
    Feeling B., yuck again.. twice in the same list? Guess that makes me 91 instead of 92
    First Arsch, aaah! :|
    Frank Sinatra, nice but a bit boring sometimes
    Guus Meeuwis, noo!
    Gwen Stefani, worse!
    Jamie Cullum, nice voice, but he bores me after listening to 3 songs
    Jethro Tull, cool :)
    Jimi Hendrix, hmm.. dunno
    John Reuben, don't know him
    Johnny Cash, hmyeah..
    Katie Melua, it's allll the same..
    Kees Kraayenoord, nice, sometimes
    Kylie Minogue, nah, don't like this
    L'Âme Immortelle, hm, better one
    Lacuna Coil, need to get in touch with
    LeAnn Rimes, NOO!!
    Leaves' Eyes, don't know them
    Led Zeppelin, funny voice.. but not precisely what I like
    Lilium, don't know..
    Madonna, deep deep sigh.. in mý list?
    Marco Borsato, hmm.. well
    Mariah Carey, argh
    Marilyn Manson, worst till now
    Megaherz (2), fine one, but a bit monotone
    Metallica, okey :)
    Michael Bublé, hmyeah.. sometimes I like him
    Nightwish, good one :)
    Norah Jones (2), I thought it wasn't possible to have even worse then Marilyn Manson
    Oomph!, good! :) beautiful voice he has.. :)
    Olivia Newton-John, naaah.. no please
    Opwekking, boring boring..
    Oslo Gospel Choir, just boring again..
    Paul Landers, as long as he's just staying a guitarist in Rammstein, I like him
    Paul Simon, okey, better then Art at least
    Pekka Laukkarinen, don't know
    Phil Collins, good :)
    Pink, yuck
    Pink Floyd, fine fine fine :)
    Pro Fide, don't know
    Procol Harum, hmm.. I still need to get a closer look at this music
    Queen, hmyeah.. at least a bit original music
    Ralph van Manen, no.. !
    Rammstein (2), yeah :) love them but they start to bore me a bit. Maybe their next cd will solve that
    Rhapsody, who?
    Rob Zombie, ah no please..! Where do all those idiots in my list come from?
    Shania Twain, funny, not super
    Sheila Walsh, don't know..?
    Simon & Garfunkel, beautiful :)
    Sonata Arctica, don't know..
    Stahlhammer, don't know again
    Static-X, .. who?
    System of a Down, nah.. no
    T-Bone, ehw..?
    The Beatles, Paul is still a good singer, they earn my respect.. :)
    The Doors, sometimes nice..
    The Police, okey.. nice one
    The Rounder Girls, don't know
    Therion, don't know
    U2, okey.. not special, nonetheless good
    Unheilig, don't know..
    Van Dik Hout, yuck
    Verbs, who?
    Whitney Houston (2), argh! not her!
    Within Temptation, fine, and growing better every year :)
    Woven Hand, need to get some music :)
    Yes, no?
    tobyMac hmm.. heard him live once.. but I forgot my opinion..

    And that's what's called 'eclectic'? I really wonder what this list would look like if I could scrobble my mp3player just as well.. or my radio..
  • Rammstein and Bushido

    5. Jun. 2007, 13:30

    Ha! I found the information about Rammstein and Bushido playing a song together!
    As I was searching the internet for school, I stumbled over a site mentioning their song, and of course I got curious.
    Then I Googled for 'Rammstein Bushido' and got kinda much hits. One of them was from my beloved Wikipedia:
    In an interview with German rapper Bushido, who contributed to the Electro Ghetto Remix of Amerika, on January 21, 2007, Bushido reported recording a song with Rammstein called "Vergiss uns nicht" (Don't Forget Us). In this interview Bushido also mentioned that he was unsure of whether it would be on their "Best Of" album or not. This was the first mention of a "Best Of" album, or the new album all together. In addition, keyboardist Flake confirmed this in an interview with Metal Hammer Germany in November, stating that they would most likely release the new album in 2008.
    Then I got réálly curious (as usual), so I searched a bit for that interview with Bushido. The things he said were:
    Jugendmagazin Popcorn: Was ist iegentlich aus deiner geplanten Koop mit Rammstein geworden?
    Bushido: Ich steh auf Rammstein. Wir saßen beim "Echo" nebeneinander und die Jungs haben sich gefreut, als ich den Preis für die beste Live-Performance bekam. Wir haben den Titel "Vergiss uns nicht" aufgenommen. Es ist aber noch unklar, ob er auf dem "Best of"-Album von Rammsteinzu hören sein wird.

    Freely translated:
    Youthmagazine Popcorn: What became by the way from your planned cooperation with Rammstein?
    Bushido: I rise for Rammstein. (*I am not sure about the translation of 'ich steh auf Rammstein') We sat beside eachother at the "Echo" (*Awards), and they were very pleased when I recieved the Award for the best Live-Performance. We recorded the song Vergiss uns nicht. It is however still unclear whether it will be at the "Best of"-Album of Rammstein or not.

    Unfortunately I couldn't find the interview with Flake, in which he confirmed this. Wikipedia said it should be in the November issue of Metal Hammer in Germany.

    Some other articles that refer to this song:
    Bushido - Hannibal / Feature mit Rammstein auf Best Of (German)
    Blog about Till Lindemann (Dutch)
    Rammstein Austria (English)