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WeezerPork and Beans 18. Sep. 2008
Guns N' RosesSweet Child o' Mine Lieblingslied 7. Sep. 2008
Bowling for SoupGirl All The Bad Guys Want Lieblingslied 25. Aug. 2008
Bowling for SoupTrucker Hat Lieblingslied 25. Aug. 2008
Relient KHigh Of 75 Lieblingslied 9. Aug. 2008
KeaneEverybody's Changing 4. Aug. 2008
KeaneSomewhere Only We Know 4. Aug. 2008
KeaneEverybody's Changing 4. Aug. 2008
KeaneSomewhere Only We Know 3. Aug. 2008
Three Days GraceHome 2. Aug. 2008
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Über mich

i love music. i listen to basicly anything. i like some song in probably every type of music.
another love of mine is movies. i am a movie finatic. i love looking up movie facts and other great stuff on http://www.imdb.com . that website is the bomb!
making people laugh is huge to me. i love to tell jokes or whatever else it takes to get a laugh. sometimes i go too far though....:( i try not to do that.
sometimes my mouth gets me in trouble too, so thats another thing ive gotta watch out for.
i dislike school, but im good at it so im stuck in advanced classes. i dispise them. they suck.
im a big kid. i am 6ft, maybe more now, i dont know; and im probably like, um..., 200 pounds? yeah. im not exactly a little kid. i play football though, and im a lineman, so my size is helpful. football is the only sport i play. im lazy.
i love to be outdoors, and to camp, fish, and hunt. im not a big backpacking fan though :( .
im a pretty laidback guy and im pretty random; which you can probably tell by all of that crap i just wrote.
if you have any questions or anything or just want to talk im all ears so just message me i guess. talk to you later. peace out.
(one last thing) this is pretty random, but whats with the unknown option on gender? its not that hard to check yourself. trust me. okay then..... see ya.
and oh yeah the name i used above is a acronym if you can think of a better word for A, message me.