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10. Dez. 2010, 4:46

Really Adam Lambert at 14th best artist of 2010. Yikes.


1) The Republic of Wolves - Varuna
2) Fang Island - Fang Island
3) Baths - Cerulean
4) Das Racist - Shut Up, Dude
5) Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
6) Das Racist - Sit Down, Man
7) Alan Moore - Unearthing
8) Have a Nice Life - Time of Land
9) Ratatat - LP4
10) Saroos - See Me Not
11) Animal Collective - ODDSAC
12) Astronautalis - DANCEHALLHORNSOUND!!!!
13) Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross - The Social Network
14) Pulled Apart By Horses - Pulled Apart By Horses
15) Bear Hands - Burning Bush Supper Club
16) Yeasayer - Odd Blood
17) Tobacco - Maniac Meat / LA UTI
18) Panda Bear - Tomboy / You Can Count On Me / Last Night at the Jetty
19) Emancipator - safe in the steep cliffs
20) Avey Tare - Down There

And artist(s) of the year goes to...

Das Racist! For busting the fuck out with not one, but TWO fantastic full length mixtapes - for free! A sick introduction to the music scene proper. Looking forward to more from these guys.

Runners up are 1) The Republic of Wolves for a super ambitious and amazingly well executed debut LP, Varuna, which was completely self recorded and produced. 2) Baths for coming out of nowhere and winning the hearts of like everyone. 3) The Animal Collective crew, for not only putting out a really neat "visual album", but also doing their own separate things pretty well. And 4) Gorillaz for putting out one pretty sweet album (I'd go so far as to say Empire Ants is a solid contender for song of the year), and having another one on the way. Merry Christmas one and all.

A high-five to Astronautalis for pulling off something I would have otherwise thought very stupid with DANCEHALLHORNSOUND!!!!

EDIT: I would find Nedry a month after I make this list. But fuck me, I knew if I waited around long enough, dubstep would produce something worth listening to, and it turns out that something is Nedrys album Condors. Dubstep trip-hop with oh-so-sultry femme fatale vocals? I put this at spot 6½.

So. 2010, you birthed some really amazing albums, but for the most part, you will go down as pretty forgettable. From about 11 on I really had to stretch.

Any suggestions welcome!
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  • guitargod71

    A damn fine list indeed.

    15. Jan. 2011, 3:09
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