• Not nearly as long, but still a long time.

    5. Feb. 2014, 14:09

    We are still plugging along at www.musicmanumit.com. There have been no major changes since I last posted in 2012. I am about to finish up law school though, so the next post here should announce major changes in my life, if not in the podcast.

    As per usual, we are looking for musicians to interview. If you release under a remixable license and would like to discuss your music, please let me know!
  • Been A Long Time...

    5. Jun. 2012, 1:20

    It's been over three years since I last wrote a Last.fm post. A lot has happened in that time. Here's some of the big events in chronological order.

    1) I went to Sweden
    2) I started SportAZine.com
    3) I state OpenSourcePlayground.org (actually, I'd have to double check to see which of SportAZine and OSP were started first)
    4) Wendy and I started dating.
    5) Tom and I started the Music Manumit Podcast.
    6) I start law school
    7) Nick and I started the Music Manumit Lawcast.

    I think that's the important stuff. Obviously, there are tons of details missing. That pretty much brings us current.

    So, why write now? I need your help.

    I am trying to turn Music Manumit and OSP (at the least) into a 501c3. This is going to take a lot of time and money. I'm not asking for money. We aren't there yet and if we become a 501c3, there will be a lot of that! Here's what we need:

    Music Manumit Podcast
    We are always looking for bands to interview! We are also always looking for guest DJs. A guest DJ gets to select 6 tracks for our weekly music show! Please submit guest DJ tracklist with the following format:

    "Track" by Artist (genre) - license - Website

    SportAZine is looking to start having regional correspondents. You need not know much about sports. As SportAZine is aligned with GeekAZine and DorkAZine, it's very much a site rooted in technology and general geekdom.

    Right now the focus of OSP is on software law. There's no reason we couldn't add authors interested in other aspects of free software. Let me know if you'd like to get involved!

    I have a long list of articles I want written for the Lawcast. If you know anything about the law, and think musicians would like to know what you have to say, please let me know! Also, since the Lawcast is new, we need feedback!
  • Top 10 Songs under 2 minutes

    19. Mai. 2009, 4:11

    I could have filled the list with just Misfits, Descendents or Minor Threat, probably but I tried to exclude songs under a minute (thus cutting out Minor Threat's "Straight Edge"). Some good hardcore songs (such as Black Flag's "Rise Above") roll in at over 2 min (2:16 in the case of "Rise Above"). I was hoping to move out of just hardcore, but that was tough (Pantera's "Fucking Hostile" rolls in at 2:47). Slayer's Necrophobic rolls in at 1:40, but I don't think it beats any of these songs. NOFX has some great fun sub-1-minutes songs, but I tried not to include them as I said.

    1. Descendents - Kabuki Girl (1:10)
    2. Misfits - Last Caress (1:56)
    3. Misfits - Halloween (1:56)
    4. Minor Threat - Minor Threat (1:29)
    5. Minor Threat - Out of Step (With the World) (1:16)
    6. Sick of It all - Injustice System (1:45)
    7. Sick of It All - Built to Last (1:52)
    8. Descendents - Suburban Home (1:40)
    9. Anti-Flag - Right On (1:25)
    10. Descendents - Hope (1:59)

    I tried to give points for influence. For instances, the fact that Blink-182 covered "Hope" got it on the list (look, I don't like Blink-182 either, but that's direct lineage from the truly punk to the mega-super-stars). There's clearly a bias toward certain bands, but I did look at songs from The Business, Sham 69, The Adolescents, The Addicts, NOFX, Reagan Youth and other bands. If I left something off, let me know!
  • 10,000 here I come

    30. Mär. 2009, 4:04

    I'm sitting at 8853 total artists right now. My goal is to get to 10,000 by the time I leave for Sweden in mid-June. So, please leave suggestions for obscure metal and punk bands. English language is certainly not required. I'm not really into grindcore, but I do like deathcore, so that should give you some direction. It's not going to take me long to type in artists names, so don't be bashful. I promise I won't make fun of you if your band doesn't meet my obscurity level. :)

    I do prefer bands that are actually on Last.fm. I don't want to have to go download from Jamendo or anything like that.
  • songs about vikings and Sweden

    9. Dez. 2008, 23:14

    So, I have tagged several things Swedish or Swedish metal or things such as that in the past. However, now that I'm actually going to travel to the land of my ancestors, I am interested in non-Swedish songs about vikings and Sweden. For instance, I just tagged Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song as "Sweden trip". My travel partner likes to dance, so anything that you think might appease both a metalhead/punk and a dancing queen would be doubly appreciated. I guess I'm thinking of things like The (International) Noise Conspiracy (actually Swedish) and Head Automatica (not Swedish) when I think of things we'd both enjoy. She's not going to be hard to please I don't think, but she'll want melodic stuff without harsh vocals. Thanks for suggestions! Bonus points if music is licensed under Creative Commons! Language does not particularly matter, though Swedish or English would be best.
  • Submissions down?

    8. Dez. 2008, 20:57

    Are submissions down? I haven't updated in an hour.
  • CNN on Palin in 2012 // Lieberman as a Dem

    5. Nov. 2008, 23:46

    CNN wasn't the first to ask (of course I beat them to it in my last post), but it didn't take long after the election: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2008/11/05/palin-cannot-even-imagine-2012-bid/. She didn't ask to be VP. I kinda think she'll go back to Alaska quietly. They like her there, and that's just fine.

    In other news, I think Lieberman should be kept by Reid in the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

    As long as Lieberman is willing to caucus with Democrats, he is very useful. I don't like Lieberman, but it's not necessarily because of the McCain sponsorship. It's because he was so vocal about it. Sure, endorse McCain if you like and be done with it. It seemed he was actively trying to throw Obama under the bus. Who knows, maybe that's just the media. I don't know Lieberman. It is unfortunate to be named LIEberman though...
  • Sarah Palin and Minor Threat

    31. Okt. 2008, 5:15

    Yeah, I'm all over the place.

    I'm going through a crisis of my different selves: work, music, tech, politics, sports. I've got a tech blog and I think it should stay that way. Lots of political thoughts with the election though. Twitter has sparked a need to share and the 140 char is very limiting.

    Anyway, not having another place to put this, I think Sarah Palin could be president in 2016. I think Obama will win now and in 2012 (barring it's not a royal failure and I have no reason to believe it will be). Hillary will be 69 that year and Elizabeth Dole will be 80 (if she's not pissing away her chances in this years senatorial race in NC). Palin, on the other hand, will be 52. Obviously, a lot can happen in 8 years, but I think the ball is in here court. Nader will probably run again at 82 if he's alive. Despite liking Nader, I think this year should be his last campaign, but if he's able, I'm sure he'll run. There are plenty of other possibilities and I'm not saying the next president will necessarily be a woman, but after this year, you have to think both parties are looking that way for the woman's vote. I'm inclined to think that a woman Democrat would do better than a woman Republican, for the obvious reasons, though the pro-life Republican woman poses certain problems for the opposition (though I think the Obama campaign has done a FANTASTIC job with Palin...it hasn't hurt that she's ridiculously unqualified). I also don't think Palin will run in 2012. If she does, I'll probably change my thoughts on 2016...but we'll see then. She'll have to stay vocal in the RNC because being governor of Alaska isn't likely to keep her in the limelight (unless bad things happen, which, of course, would derail the 2016 campaign before it starts). Do I think she wants it? I have no idea. I do think the VP race will teach her valuable lessons about national politics, which should serve her well in 2016. Let me be clear. I consider myself a socialist (which to me means the government provides basic services but private services are still available...primarily I believe in choice and a government monopoly certainly does not give you that...but, let's not get too deep into that here.)

    So, on to the music:

    Why is Minor Threat not on Last.fm? Why are they not on Ruckus? I could see a good stance against DRM with Ruckus, but not on Last? Other Dischord bands like Rites of Spring are on Last.fm. It's entirely lame and kills their stats on here. They'd at least be top 10, if not #1 if they were on either of those places.
  • 10 albums with staying power

    29. Okt. 2008, 23:06

    This morning I was listening to Biohazard and thinking about albums I've been listening to for a while. Here's 10 albums that have stayed with me from listening to / in high school to the hardcore punk and folk metal that frequents my playlist now. There's a sad lack of / in the list. Hopefully one day that changes! Now, there are plenty of songs that are still good, but complete albums are much harder to come by! Mind you, this would be easy pre-2001 albums. There'd be some Misfits and Minor Threat more than likely, but that's not what I'm doing. I'm talking about things I was actually listening to then.

    1. Biohazard - Mata Leão

    2. Nonpoint - Statement

    It's at this point that I really had to dig deep. I hardly listen to any of those old CDs, but there have to be 10 I said. And it just happened that the first two were rapcore, wasn't trying for that.

    3. Orgy - Candyass (though, not as energetic as the first two)

    4. Incubus - S.C.I.E.N.C.E. (wow, it has been way too long since I've heard "A Certain Shade Of Green"!)

    5. Incubus - Make Yourself (oh man, I am totally downloading some Incubus from Ruckus)

    6. Metallica - S&M (ok, don't get me ripping on Metallica's greed, but actually, I think I may enjoy this more now than I did then)

    7. Deftones - Adrenaline

    8. Pennywise - Land of the Free? This is stretching it a bit. Late in high school I certainly started to get into punk...and I had just graduated when this album came out. However, this albums place in my personal canon is likely unparalleled. I had already become very interested in the environment and free speech, both issues championed by the left, but this was the album that put me over the top. Of course, the next band probably had a lot to do with that too...

    What took me so long to remember Rage Against the Machine?
    9. Rage ATM - Rage Against the Machine

    10. Rage ATM - Evil Empire

    Honorable mention:
    Crazy Town - The Gift of Game (I had this album before Butterfly came out, hollar at your boy!)

    Limp Bizkit - Three Dollar Bill, Ya'll

    Nirvana - Nevermind (I was never a huge Nirvana fan). I didn't start getting into music until No Doubt's - Tragic Kingdom and Mighty Mighty Bosstones' Let's Face It. I suppose those albums would probably be up next in the honorable mention category.

    Ok, next up, albums with no staying power. I think that list should be much easier. :) I think a "top albums" based on current tastes, not on my listening history would be interesting. I listen to some things in my car that don't get scrobbled, of course.

    Full Disclosure: I feel like Rage and Pennywise might be cheating since neither of those groups ever feel from grace like all the others did. Coming up with 10 albums from bands that fell from grace, but I don't find the albums corny now was challenging.

    EDIT: I should have mentioned when I mentioned Butterfly that A) that song sounds like nothing else on the album and B) the rock mix of that song is actually pretty good.
  • adding events?

    22. Jul. 2008, 21:16

    I don't see how to add new events under the new layout. Can someone help me?